Common Garage Bugs, Animals & Other Pests

You’re coming and going, in and out of your garage several times a day. Usually that means leaving the garage door wide open for a few minutes at a time.

That’s plenty of time to let bugs, insects, animals, and other pests into your garage. Most bugs are attracted by light, but some just want a cool, dark place to hide.

And once they’re inside, it’s a lot harder to get rid of them.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the most popular pests and bugs that could invade your garage. In each section, we’ll also let you know where to go to find out how to get rid of them.


Most people hate spiders…probably from a fear of being bitten by the venomous kind. Personally, I love them because they keep other creepy insects away.

But if you’re not as crazy as I am, it’s important to know how to get rid of spiders successfully.

Since spiders like dark places, your garage sounds like the perfect place for them. And if there are other garage bugs around, like flies and mosquitos, they will thrive.

There are thousands of different species of spiders. Some are harmless and others are venomous.

Here are the species that you might find in your garage:

  • American House Spider – These spiders thrive in basements and garages. Some are brownish-tan in color, while others are gray with brown spots. These are among the harmless spiders – but their webs are not pleasant. 
  • Brown Recluse –  As the name suggests, these spiders have a brown body, though some are gray. They have three pairs of eyes. A brown recluse’s bite is venomous, with side effects such as fever and rashes. 
  • Hobo Spiders – These spiders are harmless. But they cause a slight sting when they bite.


When I lived in Pennsylvania, I developed a healthy fear of snakes. Although most snakes are harmless, it was common for a rattlesnake to slither into a garage, or even a car.

Like spiders, snakes eat a lot of things that try to hide in your garage. That makes it a great, safe spot with a steady food supply.

During the cold weather, the snake might crawl into your garage in search of a heat source. Similarly, snakes may come searching for a cool place when it’s too hot outside. 

Apart from the weather, they might be following a food source. Therefore, if your garage has rodents or other small animals, it could attract snakes. 

Bear in mind that a snake would get in almost anywhere – even through a tiny crack or crevice. Some are also climbers, so they could slither through pipes and open windows. 

It helps to keep an eye out for the telltale signs of a snake inside your garage. The most obvious one is seeing the snake itself. That’s a no-brainer.

However, other signs include a snake trail, scat, or snakeskin. Once you notice any of these signs, you should take immediate steps to get the snakes out of your garage.


There’s nothing worse than seeing a mouse or rat scurry across the floor. Trust me on this: a rodent infestation is the last thing you want in your garage.

If there are mice in your garage, you will notice signs like an unpleasant musky smell or hear some gnawing noises. You might also see droppings and rub marks on the wall.

Rodents are so prevalent in garages because of their ability to run, climb, swim, and squeeze through even the smallest openings. They can also chew their way through materials.

We’ve shared invaluable tips on how you can get rid of mice in your garage. But once you’ve successfully gotten rid of them, you need to keep them from coming back.

One of the best ways to do that is by creating a hostile environment. Mice and rats have a strong sense of smell. You can use repellent granules with components like ammonia and peppermint.

Just make sure the smell is strong enough for them but not harmful to you.


Mosquitos will invade any space they can find their way into, especially during the hot months. The last thing you want is a mosquito bite after you park your car in the garage after a long day at work.

You’re probably already aware that stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Therefore, you are most likely to have mosquitos in your garage if there is standing water around. Common problem areas include puddles in the driveway, clogged garage gutters, and grass clippings.

Another culprit that you might not easily suspect is buckets or other containers that were previously stored with water outside. 

Beyond draining any standing water in and around your garage, you should also seal holes and cracks, and using mosquito repellent devices or traps.

If you enjoy gardening, you might consider growing plants that naturally repel mosquitoes – such as citronella grass, lavender, basil, and rosemary.


While not as common as some of the other pests on this list, it’s not unheard of to have crickets in your garage.

There are hundreds of different species of crickets. The most common ones being house crickets and field crickets. House crickets are yellowish or brownish, while field crickets are black and larger. 

Although both species usually live outdoors, they might invade your garage searching for warmth, light, and food.

Since they are nocturnal, they are most likely to invade if you leave the lights in your garage on after dark. They may feed on organic materials, such as food trash and decaying plants in the garage. They might also feed on natural fabrics like silk and cotton.

To get rid of crickets in your garage, you must be sure to seal any spaces in the garage walls. If you do laundry in the garage, keep the dirty laundry in a lidded hamper. 


Whether they just fly in by mistake, or they’re trying to make a nest, birds can often make a pit stop in your garage.

Some birds like hummingbirds and songbirds can perceive light even from a window and enter it. Other birds like woodpeckers may linger outside looking for a nest.

You can prevent garage animals like birds from getting into your garage by covering the windows – since they will be attracted to light. Besides, ensure that your garage does not contain nesting materials. If the birds still find their way into your garage, you can check this article for simple ways to get birds out of your garage.


You would think that the kitchen is the only place you might find ants. But it’s common to find ants in your garage or car.

You probably store your pet’s food in the garage. And as you fill the bowl, some of the food might fall on the floor, which can be a source of ant invasions. 

Another common source of invasions is seeds. Do you store seeds like birdseed in the garage? If you do, it’s essential to ensure that you keep them in airtight containers. Otherwise, you might be attracting ants.

In case of an ant invasion, there are several techniques to get rid of them.

You must follow up with measures to ensure that the ants and other garage bugs don’t find their way back. The essential thing is keeping the garage clean. Get rid of any stumps nearby and keep the area dry.

If you have to store groceries in the garage, limit it to canned food. Regular vacuuming is also essential. That way, even if the ants have already made their way into the garage, you can erase their pheromone trails, preventing new ants from following them. Besides, keeping the garage clean leaves the ants without any food and water, prompting them to leave. 


Cockroaches need three things to survive: food, warmth, and moisture.

Garages can be dark and humid and might contain food sources for the roaches. But they are the last thing you want in your garage – given that they are considered dangerous as an allergen source and asthma trigger. And although they don’t bite, they can scratch you with their leg spines. And since they carry bacteria, the scratch could leave you infected.

The process to keep cockroaches out if your garage is very similar to preventing flies in your garage.

That means getting rid of any cardboard boxes, piles of paper, and paper bags. Then get rid of extra moisture, such as drippy hoses and leaky water heaters. If you still have problems, you might consider calling an expert for a lasting solution.

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