What to Do With an Empty Garage

If you’re fortunate enough to have an empty garage, you might be wondering how you want to use it. After all, you see open space but don’t want it to go to waste. 

Most people will use their garages for their cars, but you may prefer to place yours on the driveway to use the space in your garage for something else.

If you find yourself with an empty garage, here are some ideas for how you can best use the space.

Extra Storage

When people don’t know what to do with their garages, many of them will use them as a storage area. For example, they’ll add shelving, cabinets, or ceiling racks to store their extra stuff. 

Overhead storage is a great place to put items you don’t need to use often to keep them out of the way. For example, you can store holiday decorations or seasonal clothing that you only need to access a few times a year.

The trick is to never store items in random places. Always have a set place for everything. Otherwise, your garage will quickly become disorganized. 

Make sure you find different ways to organize your belongings effectively.

Turn it into a Workshop

If you’re a hobbyist, the garage is the perfect place to set up a dedicated workbench to keep it out of your spouse’s or children’s way. 

For example, I use one of my Gladiator workbenches to work on my remote-controlled cars. Even though the vehicles are small, there are a lot of tools, mats, and spare parts that take up a lot of space. It helps to have a dedicated area to keep things organized. 

If small-scale hobbies aren’t your thing, you could use your garage to repair cars and motorcycles or do woodworking projects. You can easily transform the empty space in your garage into the perfect workshop. 

Empty organized garage

Protect Your Gardening Tools

Most people need space to store their gardening tools. However, if you love to garden and plan to work on your yard regularly, you can set up a dedicated potting bench. This helps you keep track of your tools and supplies so you know where to get them when you need them.

I’ll be honest: gardening isn’t my thing, so I store my gardening tools on wall storage racks. This makes it easy to organize my tools and keep them clean. 

My mother, however, has the green thumb of the family. She has a small potting bench that doubles as storage for her hand tools, fertilizers, and extra pots. 

The amount of space you need depends on how much you work in your yard. 

Turn it Into a Man-Cave or She-Shed

Turning an empty garage into a space to relax is very popular. 

While some people want to sit in their homes, others like the idea of using the garage as an additional living space. They leave the garage door open and place a sofa in the garage for them to relax.

Some take it further by installing TVs in their garage. That way, they can spend time in the garage and invite neighbors over as they spend time together.

Depending on where you live, some people find garages uncomfortable and warm, so consider insulating or air-conditioning your garage. 

Even if you don’t fully convert your garage into additional living space, you can still make it more comfortable. Consider adding fans or heaters so you can work in your garage year-round. 

Pool table in garage

Sports (Garage Gym or Storage) 

If sports are more your thing, you could turn your garage into a gym to fill that empty space. I have a friend that’s really into hockey, so he converted his garage into a practice rink. Believe it or not, there’s a company that makes interlocking garage tiles that simulate an ice hockey rink. 

Even if you just want to store your athletic equipment, your garage could provide you with the necessary space. 

Many companies created storage racks for specific sports:

  • Wall-mounted rack for fishing rods or hockey sticks.
  • Ball storage for basketballs and soccer balls.
  • Storage racks for golf bags, gloves, and hats.
  • Wall racks or lifts for kayaks and canoes. 
  • Ceiling lifts or wall-mounted bicycle storage.

Your garage is also the perfect place to store your ATV or golf cart when you’re not using it. 

Place Your Recyclables in the Garage

Depending on where you live, you can use your garage for recycling space. For example, some states offer people money if they bring certain recycling items to a recycling center. From there, they receive reimbursement for their recycling as spare money.

You can collect cans, bottles, and other recyclables your area will take. If your neighborhood has you stick with recycling bins, you can leave your recycling bins in your garage to keep them safe. 

You can even place your trash bins there if you want to keep them in the same area. This may be required by your HOA, depending on where you live.

Just be sure to keep your garbage cans clean so they don’t smell

Rent It Out

Finally, you could rent out your empty garage. 

As houses become more expensive, more people live in apartments longer than they’d like. It’s becoming harder for new buyers to find a home with a garage that they can afford. 

There are companies like Neighbor.com that connect homeowners with empty garages with people willing to rent them. Here in Florida, prices range anywhere from $60 to $240 per month, depending on the area and amenities. 

Renting out your garage could be an easy way to make some additional cash each month, as well as find a use for your empty garage. 

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