Why Your Garage Door Should Have Aluminum Capping

Are you tired of scraping, peeling, and repainting the edges of your wooden garage door frame several times a year?

Do you wish to quickly improve you home’s curb appeal?

Well, say hello to aluminum capped garage doors.

If your garage door suffers from the presence of rots, peels, splits, and mold on the wood, it could be a good candidate for aluminum capping. It also helps minimize drafts and temperature transfer, saving money on electricity bills.

In building and construction, capping describes using Aluminum or vinyl sheets, which are cut and shaped with a brake to cover the exterior of wooden exposures in a building.

By doing this, you can help prevent weather damage caused. Aluminum capping can be installed over wooden windows, roofs, fascia, soffits, and doors in residential and non-residential buildings. 

Aluminum capping around garage door

Benefits of Aluminum Capping Your Garage Door

In this section of the article, we will be focusing on discussing the benefits of aluminum capping your garage doors.


All metal eventually starts to rust at some point. However, Aluminum is less rust-prone, taking years before rust sets in.

That means your aluminum capping will usually last as long as your home, which eliminates the need for constant replacement.

Additionally, aluminum capping cuts down on maintenance as well. Since they’re unpainted, you won’t spend your weekend sanding or stripping off peeling wooden garage frames.

Maintenance is simple, and can be combined when you annually (or semi-annually) wash your garage door. Just be sure to wipe any moisture away from the aluminum capping.

Adds Curb Appeal & Value to Your Home

Aluminum capping adds curb appeal to your garage door, which is important, since your garage door is one of the first exterior features of the house that people notice.

While an old wooden garage doorframe with cracks, rot, and faded paint is an eyesore, the look of aluminum capping is second to none, with a style that no painted wood can provide.

Capping your garage door with aluminum is also an investment. It acts as an upgrade, increasing your home’s value when you go to resell it.

Extends Your Garage Door Frame’s Lifespan

Aluminum sheeting protects against moisture, which acts as a for rotting and mold growth. This can degrade the quality of your wooden garage door frame.

Thus, aluminum capping protects against moisture and ensures a longer-lasting wooden door frame.

Saves Energy

With aluminum capping, the chance of air leaking in around your garage door, causing drafts, is significantly reduced.

By minimized drafts you save on heating expenses, especially if you have an attached garage with another room above it. While aluminum capping isn’t a substitute for insulating your garage, it’s another important piece of the puzzle to help you save more money on your home.

This table compares the use of wood, aluminum, and vinyl capping:

MaterialQualityCostStrengthDurabilityEase of Maintenance
WoodGoodCheapGoodPoorHigh maintenance
Vinyl BetterExpensiveBetterBetterMaintenance-free
AluminumBestMore ExpensiveBestGoodLow maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average cost to Install Aluminum Capping on Your Garage Door?

The cost of an Aluminum Capping Garage Door ranges from $320 to $3,800, with the average being $1,300.

Q: Will I Get My Return on Investment If I Purchase Aluminum Capping For My Garage Door?

While you won’t usually recoup the entire cost, adding aluminum capping has been found to increase the value of your home. In fact, aluminum capping can get as high as a 91.5% return on your investment.

Q: How Frequently Does It Need Cleaning?

Once a year is just fine. Use a soft cloth, soap, and a hose, just like you would when washing your garage door.

When to Add Aluminum Capping Around Your Garage Door

Although adding aluminum capping is a ‘nice-to-have’ for many people, there are some signs that your garage door may need urgent help.

Wood Rot or Cracks

When the garage door’s wooden frame begins to wear, rot or decay, it’s time to take steps to protect it.

Although your garage door may not be rotting away, crack signs within the wood trim signal that it needs aluminum capping treatment.


One thing you do not want defacing the beauty of your garage’s door exterior is mold. This fungus has a very off-putting appearance and reduces the overall aesthetics of your home.

Once you notice any mold around your garage door, please take it as a sign that the door is ready for aluminum capping.

Poor Energy Efficiency

Rots and cracks in wooden doors are unavoidable sources of air leaks, and this can, in turn, lead to more drafts into your home through your garage door.

Once you notice an increase in drafts in your home, inspect your garage door for cracks or rots. If you find either, aluminum capping may be a good investment.

The increase in drafts during the winter would cause you to use up more heat, thus increasing your electricity bills.