10 Places That Will Cut Wood For You

Transporting lumber home from the store can be challenging if you don’t have a truck or a trailer (which I don’t). Even with an SUV, it’s easy to have more lumber than trunk space. So I’ve listed the 10 most popular places that will cut wood for your next home improvement project. Some of them may surprise you.

You’ll find some national big-box stores like Home Depot and Lowes, as well as lumberyards, maker spaces, and even your neighborhood sawmill. It’s worth noting that most hardware stores won’t allow consumers to use saws, but they can usually cut standard sizes and types of wood for you.

Big box home improvement retailers are ideal for small DIY projects that do not require a lot of wood that you can easily cut. These stores often provide their customers with several free cuts. 

However, for more complex wood-cutting projects, you may have to spend more to ensure your wood is handled and cut by professionals. 

Wood cutting policies at Home Depot

The most common places to have the wood cut for various projects include:

Home Depot

All Home Depot stores offer a professional cutting service that you can typically find at the back of the store. Trained store personnel usually provide this free wood-cutting service and use state-of-the-art saws that make easy and neat work of most basic cuts. 

However, the number and types of cuts they can offer and wood-cutting policies differ from location to location.

Usually, the store’s policy guidelines are posted next to the cutter. Therefore, you can know the limitations, rules, and store policy without asking an employee. 

Unfortunately, even though all Home Depot stores have guidelines and limitations, the person assisting you can occasionally overlook certain costs and restrictions.

Since Home Depot is a home improvement store, their wood-cutting services are generally a courtesy. They only cut some types of wood and take no responsibility for the precision of the cuts. Furthermore, they only offer these services if you purchase the wood in-store. 

Because the wood-cutting policies differ between stores, it is best to check with your local Home Depot beforehand.

They can typically cut and handle a somewhat extensive range of wood types and wood productsOccasionally, lack of expertise or time can cause them to cut your wood inaccurately
Conveniently cut to size in-store while you waitDepending on the store’s policy, they can charge you a fee for each cut
Arranging your visit prior can allow you to get higher quantities and precision with the wood you want to cutSome stores have restrictions on what type of wood they are willing to or able to cut


Although Lowe’s specializes in selling home improvement products rather than wood-cutting services, they are perfect for smaller wood-cutting projects. Many people buy wood and wood products from Lowe’s stores because they can have their lumber cut in-store by trained personnel while browsing for other stuff.

However, most Lowe’s stores only give five free cuts per customer. After which, they will charge you for all the wood you wish to have cut at the store. Although the pricing of the wood-cutting services at Lowe’s is reasonable, it varies significantly based on the type and size of the wood that you need to cut.

Unfortunately, Lowe’s doesn’t have the equipment or experience to make complicated or customized cuts. Finally, you must ensure that the wood complies with that store’s wood-cutting policies. 

For your convenience, they will cut your wood for you while you continue to browse the numerous sections these stores have to offerPersonnel responsible for the wood cutting service are not skilled merchants, and you can typically see their lack of experience in the cuts
Sometimes the personnel are willing to give you an exception to their policiesThey only offer wood cutting services to materials that you purchase in-store
Typically, they can handle and cut a reasonable variety of wood types and wood productsFor larger-scale wood cutting projects, Lowe’s stores are not a suitable choice

True Value

True Value home improvement retailers and hardware are independently owned and operated and have over 4500 retail stores across the U.S. and globally. 

They offer in-store wood-cutting services performed by trained professionals. This ensures quality and precision in their cuts and provides reliable materials for your wood-cutting project.

True Value stores are ideal for wood cutting jobs of a reduced scale because it’s possible to complete them cheaplyWhen it comes to wood, some shops are picky about what they’ll sell you because of constraints on their saws or their ability to cut it
They offer wood cutting services that are pleasant, well performed, and easily accessibleFor larger wood cutting projects, True Value stores are inconvenient and more costly

84 Lumber

84 Lumber has over 250 stores and is the ideal place to have your wood cut. Wood-cutting services are overseen by a qualified tradesman. 

Most stores also have the necessary tools, equipment, and personnel to complete intricate, large-scale wood-cutting projects. Additionally, they can work with almost any type of wood and wood product, from large to small. 

Unfortunately, the advanced equipment, experience, and skills they offer with their wood-cutting services come at higher costs.

Specialized equipment and trained professionals ensure high standards with their wood cutting serviceSmaller wood cutting projects are expensive to cut at these stores
Can work with and cut most types of wood and wood products 
Wood cutting services provided by 84 Lumber stores are ideal and cost-effective for large-scale wood cutting projects 

ACE Hardware

ACE Hardware has over 250 stores and is the ideal place to have your wood cut. They generally offer wood-cutting services overseen by a qualified tradesman. 

They have the necessary tools, equipment, and personnel to complete both large-scale and intricate wood-cutting projects. Finally, ACE Hardware can work with and cut almost any type of wood and wood product. 

Unfortunately, this means their wood-cutting services come at higher costs.


Friendly, professional, and convenient servicesWood cutting services can be delayed and take a long time
They can work with and cut a wide range of wood typesGenerally, have limitations with wood cutting service as not all stores can offer it, and equipment can significantly vary
Cost-effective for smaller wood cutting projectsRecurring costs of these services can significantly increase the project’s overall cost


Menards have locations throughout Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin and offer wood-cutting services in select stores. 

Like most home improvement retailers, Menard’s stores each have their specific wood-cutting policies. For example, Menard’s stores will not cut plywood for you and will only cut wood if purchased in that store. 

Usually, these stores offer free rough cuts for the wood to fit into your vehicle. However, some locations do not provide any other wood-cutting service to customers. 

Affordable or complimentary wood cutting servicesThe type, quantity, and quality of the wood cutting service are minimal
Have scrap wood and wood off-cuts available in-storeThese store’s wood cutting services do not handle or cut plywood

Local Lumber Yards

If you want a more personal experience the next time you shop for wood, consider heading to your local lumber yard. Lumber yards specialize in wood and can offer professional and skilled expertise and assistance. In addition, lumber yards have a vast selection of wood and equipment available to fit any requirement you may have.

Most lumber yards have wood experts with the knowledge, skills, and equipment to provide you with quality, precise cuts. Many will complete any customized and specialized work you may need. 

However, cutting wood for smaller projects tends to be more expensive.

Quality wood products and flawless cutsSmaller wood projects can be expensive to cut at a lumber yard
Can provide reliable referrals for contractorsThese specialized and professional cuts come with a heftier price tag
Lumber yards take pride in the wood and services they providelocal lumber yards are usually further away
Have selections of wood and levels of customization available to fit any requirement 

Local Carpenters

Suppose you dislike the hassle of dealing with the long queues, noisy strangers, and crowded aisles of your local stores and businesses. In that case, you can contact a local carpenter that comes to cut your wood at your home. 

Many carpenters advertise their services online through sites like Thumbtack. This makes it easy to find reliable, professional carpenters ideal for your specific situation.

The benefit of using local carpenters to cut your wood for you is that they often follow up to ensure the quality of the wood-cutting project. Most contractors have no problems rectifying any mistakes and issues that might occur in the wood-cutting process. 

Often offer more flexible terms and ratesCarpenters rarely have the specialized equipment and tools required for customized and intricate wood cutting projects
Generally, you can build a lasting association with your contractorLocal contractors are typically employed and do these jobs as a side hustle. Therefore, they might not always be available
More convenient than traveling to the store or yard to cut your wood 


Maker Spaces

A woodworking maker space is typically a great place to get advice, guidance, or directions to the best location to cut wood for you. Maker spaces are groups of hobbyists and professionals that gather to exchange ideas, collaborate on woodworking projects, and socialize with like-minded individuals. That makes it an ideal location to make new connections or learn from skilled professionals.

These communities usually have the tools and equipment to cut lumber in whatever size your project needs. 

You can get aid and advice from experienced members of the woodworking communityTypically, you need to be a member to join these woodworking maker spaces
It can most certainly lead to very budget-friendly wood cutting servicesThese groups usually have very inadequate tools and equipment

High Schools/Trade Schools

A potentially cheaper option is to ask your local high schools or trade schools. Although most students will be familiar with wood-cutting processes, they need more professional wood-cutting experience. That means most students will gladly cut your wood for you for practice.

You’ll usually have to work around the student’s class schedules, and most schools forbid their students to participate in profitable projects. You can contact the faculty and staff to learn about their specific rules and regulations.

Reduced labor costs while providing students the opportunity to work on a wood cutting projectThese opportunities are very rarely available, and you must continuously inquire from various schools
If you can successfully arrange this type of wood cutting service, you could make it a reoccurring situationThe quality of your wood cutting project may decrease due to the lack of experience of the person handling and cutting the wood

How Much Does It Cost For Wood Cutting?

Home improvement retailers and hardware typically offer customers a certain number of free cuts. Although the number of cuts and wood-cutting policies greatly vary, these stores generally charge between $0.25 and $2.00 per additional cut. Some stores charge up to $2.00 per rough cut and do not offer free wood-cutting services.

Alternatively, becoming a member at one of your local woodworking makers places will give you access to various woodworking tools. Standard memberships are usually around $40.00 per month. Alternatively, for approximately only $2.00 per visit, you can become a member of various community-based woodworking clubs. The costs of the wood-cutting services provided by lumber yards vastly differ depending on your needs.