How To Program LiftMaster Garage Door Opener [All Models]

LiftMaster has been making industry-leading garage door openers for over 50 years. That means there are a lot of different models on the market, so figuring out to program them may be a challenge. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to program your LiftMaster garage door opener step-by-step. 

Things you will need:

  • A step ladder
  • Possibly a paperclip

Step 1: Find The Model Number Of Your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

Locate the product serial/model number of your LiftMaster garage opener. 

You can find this information on a sticker or label on the outside of most devices. Alternatively, you may locate it under the lens or cover. 

Now, you can use this number to get your device manual, specifications, tutorials, and information you require on your device from LiftMaster Support.

Step 2: Preparation

First, ensure that the garage door is in a closed position. Then, test your garage door opener to ensure it is fully functional, and the light bulb in your device is working. 

Next, remove the cover of your device to expose the interior. 

Finally, locate the “Program/Learn” button, typically found close to the antenna wire. The color of this button indicates vital information on how to program your garage door opener.

Table 1: Device information based on the color “Program/Learn” button

“Program/Learn” button color:Antenna color:“Learn LED” color:# of times to press “Program Mode” active for:Year manufactured:
GreenGrayGreen430 seconds1993 – 1997
Red/OrangeGrayYellow/Amber330 seconds1997 – 2004
Purple/BrownPurpleYellow/Amber230 seconds2005 – 2014
YellowYellowYellow/Amber130 seconds/180 seconds – (MyQ)2011 – Date

Step 3: Enable “Program Mode”

The “Program Mode” allows you to program remotes, Homelink services, keypads, MyQ services, and accessories. It also lets you manage specific functions and configure your device’s travel limits, forces, and WiFi connections. 

To enable the “Program Mode,” press and release the “Program/Learn” button on your device, which will turn on the “Learn LED” located next to it.

Table 2: How to enable the “Program Mode” on different types of control panels

Control Panel TypeHow To Enable The “Program Mode”
Doorbell-Style control panelPress and hold the “Light” button that you can locate on the side while pressing and releasing the front button. The front LED should then blink once and then stay on
Door control panel (with “Learn” button)Press and release the “Learn” button that you can find on the panel two times
Door control panel (with LCD screen)Press the “Menu” button and navigate to and select the “Program” option  

Step 4: How To Program Your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

You do not have to be tech-savvy to program your garage door opener, as it typically only takes a few minutes to complete. 

Newer LiftMaster garage door opener models and accessories have SMART functions that make the programming process practically effortless. In addition, your garage door opener” Program Mode” allows you to program various compatible products conveniently.

Possible functions you can manage using your device’s “Program Mode:”

  • The “Clear/Reset” function removes any remotes, keypads, and systems previously connected to your LiftMaster garage door opener. Press and hold the “Program/Learn” button for 6 seconds or until the “Learn LED” turns off to enable this function. We recommend using this function if you lose your remote or use an unfamiliar/new device.
  • The “Limit Learn” function configures your garage door’s open and close limits, preventing damage to your garage door. For example, if your garage door opener is not fully opening or closing, you should enable this function. Also, if the garage door opener continues to operate after the garage door is entirely closed or opened.

How To Program Garage Door Opener – (Program A Remote)

Before starting to program your garage door opener, ensure that your remote is fully functional. Then, review your remote’s manual for any safety instructions or varying methods. 

Now, you can enable the “Program Mode” on your garage door opener. 

However, your device’s “Program Mode” will only stay active for a short period. Once it’s enabled, you should start to program your remote:

  1. Enable the “Program Mode” on your remote – The “Program” button position differs between the various models of Liftmaster remote controls. However, you can usually find this button inside the pinhole or behind the visor clip of the remote control. Now, press and release this button (Number of times according to table 2), using a paperclip or the removable visor clip to enable the “Program Mode.”
  2. Next, you need to specify which button you want to program by pressing and releasing that button (Number of times according to table 2). Then, press and release any other button on your remote to finish the selection process.
  3. Press and hold the button that you have selected for 3 seconds. Some models of garage door openers and control panels will have a light that flashes or a LED that will turn off/on to indicate that the programming was successful.
  4. Finally, press and release the programmed button to test your remote. If it initiates your LiftMaster garage door opener, the programming is successful. Alternatively, you can restart the process if it is unsuccessful.

How To Program Garage Door Opener – (Program A Keypad)

Before starting to program your device, ensure that your keypad is fully functional. 

Review your keypad’s manual for any safety instructions or varying methods. 

Next, choose a PIN for your garage door opener keypad to control your Garage Door Opener. Make it secure and something that you will not forget! 

Now you can enable the “Program Mode” on your device that is only active for a short period.

  1. Enter the 4-digit PIN that you have chosen on the keypad.
  2. Then depending on the type of keypad, either:
  • Press and release the “Enter” button (Number of times according to table 2) on the keypad. Then press the “0” button to complete the programming.
  • Or
  • Press and hold the “Enter” button at the bottom of the keypad until the lights of the keypad start flashing or the light in the device turns blinks.
  1. Finally, enter the PIN you have programmed on the keypad. Then, press and release the “Enter” button, and if the programming is successful, it will operate the garage door opener. However, you can restart the process if the device does not respond.

Before you program the Homelink system in your vehicle, read the owner’s manual for any safety instructions and methods that may differ. You can typically locate the Homelink system in your car’s overhead console, rearview mirror, or sun visor, marked with the Homelink “House Icon.” 

Once you enable the “Program Mode” on your device, you only have a short time to program the system.

  1. Put your vehicle’s ignition in the on position, but you do not need to start it.
  2. Clear the programming on your Homelink system by pressing and holding the first and last buttons for approximately 20 seconds until the LED icon flashes rapidly.
  3. Press and release the button you have selected to program.
  4. Once your garage door opener’s “Program Mode” is enabled, press and hold the selected button for about 10 seconds until the LED icon flashes.
  5. Press and release the same button. The programming is complete if the flashing LED icon stops and the garage door opener operates. Otherwise, you have to restart the process.

How To Program Garage Door Opener – (Program MyQ System)

LiftMaster garage door opener models compatible with Wifi and MyQ services will have a Wifi or MyQ symbol on the device’s exterior. 

MyQ provides state-of-the-art functions that allow you to monitor, control, and manage your device and various other systems, accessories, and features. 

Furthermore, you can program, install, and use MyQ systems and accessories efficiently without prior experience.

  1. Download and install the mobile MyQ application, then register your MyQ user profile.
  2. Next, follow the on-screen prompts on the mobile application. The MyQ application will provide clear, step-by-step instructions that will take you through the process of programming your garage door opener and MyQ system.
  3. Conveniently discover, connect, and configure your device and MyQ mobile application.
  4. The MyQ mobile application will automatically operate your garage door opener while configuring and notify you once completed.
  5. Finally, push the button on the application to close the garage door and complete the programming process.

Step 5: After You Program Your Device

After you program your LiftMaster garage door opener, we recommend that you test the auto-reverse function of your LiftMaster garage door opener. 

This feature is crucial to the safe operation of your device. 

If the auto-reverse function fails, it could lead to accidents and life-threatening injuries. Therefore, if you notice any problem with this function, power the device off immediately until resolved.


You can easily program LiftMaster garage door openers and LiftMaster compatible accessories, systems, and products.

There are tons of freely available resources, including extensive product manuals, detailed tutorials, and support on the LiftMaster website. 

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