How We Review Products

Here at Garage Transformed, our mission is to help average homeowners create the garage of their dreams.

An important part of that mission is reviewing products and services so our readers can choose the best solution for their individual situation. With the average garage makeovers costing between $5000 and $15,000, we understand there’s a lot riding on our recommendations.

That is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when making recommendations. We thought you would be interested to learn how we select the products you find in our guides.

We Do:

Here is everything we look for before we feature a product on our pages.

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Study the Product Line & Brand History

A brand’s history will tell you a lot about their future.

This is why, before recommending a new product line or brand, we dig through their history and operations to try and assess the risks for you.

Here’s how this looks for our major product categories:

Garage Storage Solutions (Cabinets, Wall Storage, Workbenches, etc.)

  • We research the history of the companies that manufacture these products. Look for their market presence, customer feedback, and industry recognition.
  • We examine how their product lines have evolved over time, focusing on improvements in design, durability, and functionality.
  • We check for past recalls due to safety or quality concerns and how the company responded.
  • We look for patents or innovations affecting design, usability, or durability to set these products apart.

Flooring Solutions (Epoxy, Polycuramine, etc.)

  • We examine the chemical composition of these flooring solutions and their compliance with safety and environmental standards. We also consider the ecological impact of these products, including production processes and disposal.
  • We look at customer testimonials, case studies, or third-party reviews that give insights into the product’s performance over time.

Services (Cleanout or Renovation Services)

  • We examine the service provider’s track record, focusing on their experience, expertise, and customer testimonials. This means looking at their past projects to get a complete picture of their capability and reliability.
  • We ensure that the service providers have the necessary licenses and certifications to perform these services.
  • Not every job is perfect, so we look at how service providers have dealt with unexpected challenges or issues in past projects.
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Validate the Brand’s Marketing Claims

There’s an old saying: “marketers ruin everything.”

We take that into account when reviewing products and services for your garage.

Brands tend to make superlative claims to try to sell more products. We review their marketing materials and debunk it point-by-point to ensure you know exactly what product you’re purchasing.

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Understand the Product’s Pricing & Positioning Strategy

There are products and services to fit every garage renovation budget. For most homeowners, keeping the costs down is their biggest priority.

We love companies that obsess about finding the absolute best products without looking at the price tag, but that’s not our audience.

Our reviews will always include a budget option, a value option, and a premium option at least. We also try to include situations unique to each product or service, to fit the needs of average homeowners.

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Extensively Scour Through User Reviews

It would be easy for brands to cherry-pick high-quality samples and send them to us for review for maximum grades.

That’s why we rely on “the wisdom of the people” to make our minds about a particular brand’s product quality.

We extensively scour positive and negative reviews about all products we recommend online.

We also often reach out to these customers to dig deeper, understand their experiences, and reflect them in our content.

Example of a positive review
Positive review example
Example of a negative review
Negative review example
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Look at Delivery Options

What’s the point of finding the perfect storage solution if you can’t get it into your garage quickly? Or without paying a fortune in shipping charges?

That’s why we review average delivery time and cost, country delivery coverage, and return policy if you change your mind.

Companies that offer better terms are ranked higher on our pages.

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Take Your Feedback Into Consideration

All our articles have a rating widget at the end where you can share what you enjoyed and did not enjoy about the piece.

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Every few months, we review all articles’ feedback and update them based on what YOU told us could be improved.

We Don’t

Things you will NEVER find on Garage Transformed.

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Take Sponsorship Fees

Many brands are ready to pay us good money to be featured higher on our pages but always refuse these offers.

We feel it’s our editorial responsibility to feature the best product. Period.

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Post Anything Without Thorough Research

All our articles went through a thorough research process, and we don’t make recommendations lightly.

So if you read it on our site, you can be sure it’s gone through all the points above, and you can trust the advice.