Complete List of Garage Floor Paint & Epoxy Colors [2023]

If you’re trying to choose what color to paint your garage floor, it can be really frustrating trying to pick a color, right?

There’s just so many options that you can choose from.

Sure…if you like gray , dark gray or tan, you can find that anywhere.

But I’ve seen some garage floors with really amazing paint jobs. I just had to know where they got it.

I did a few hours of research and came up with a list of every garage floor paint color available for sale in the United States, Canada, UK or Australia.

If you live in one of those areas, you’re probably finding it tough to choose a floor paint color too.

Let’s see what paint colors are out there for your garage floor.

How The Garage Floor Paint Color Guide Is Set Up

What I did was go to all of the major hardware store’s web sites and see what brands they sold. This included:

  • United States: Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value
  • Canada: Canadian Tire, Home Hardware
  • United Kingdom: Homebase, Wickes
  • Australia: Bunnings

I only listed each store once, even if it has locations in different countries. For example, Home Depot is found in both the US and Canada so I listed it once.

Complete List of Garage Floor Paint & Coating Colors

Let’s get to the list. Each company is listed in alphabetic order with a brief description of the company and where they’re located. There’s also details on the paint itself.

After that is what you’re really looking for. There is a color palette showing every available color for each type of paint.

Choose which type of garage floor paint will be best for you based on the look you want to achieve.

For more information on what the different types of paints are as well as the differences between them, check out my guide to garage floor paint here.


Armor Coat Colors

Armor Coat is based out of Northfield, Ohio and was founded in 1988. Residential products is actually only a small portion of their business. They have several applications for commercial, retail, warehouses and industrial locations.

Their Do-it-Yourself Concrete Floor Coating is a two-part system that has an epoxy base coat and a clear urethane protective topcoat.

Armorcoat epoxy garage floor colors

The Armor Coat floor kits are available in a variety of colors: Clear, White, Black, Off-White, Fazor Tan, Beige, Tan, Brown, Charcoal Gray, Light Gray, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, SE Camel, Light Blue, Blue, Tile Red, Green, Safety Yellow and Traffic Yellow.

You can purchase Armor Coat kits directly through their website.

Armor Garage Colors

Armor Garage is a it of an oddball. They’re based out of Miami and New Jersey and have the most expensive epoxy garage floor coating on this list.

That’s because their epoxy “is 100% solids military grade aliphatic epoxy which cannot be compared to water based, hybrid cyclioalipahatic epoxies or high solids epoxies which we only use as primers.”

They have two versions of their epoxy coatings. Their Armor Chip epoxy coating is 19 mils thick and retails for $568. Armor Granite is 23 mils thick and retails for $889.

Armor Garage epoxy floor kit colors

Both are available in several colors: Off-White, Desert Tan, Beige, Tan, Khaki Tan, Brown, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Charcoal Gray, Light Blue, Blue, Tile Red, Green, Traffic Yellow and Safety Yellow.

You can purchase Armor Garage products directly through their website.

Beauti-tone Colors

Beauti-tone is a private label paint sold exclusively at Home Hardware stores in Canada.

The HardCoat epoxy kit is a two-part epoxy floor coating that dries to the touch in about three hours. It resists both salt and hot tire pickup.

It’s available in two colors, Grey and Tan. You can add an additional clear coat if you want to give your garage floor a higher-gloss shine.

Daich Colors

Diach Coatings is based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They got popular with their line of stone-based floor coatings in the early 1900’s.

Their DIY Epoxy Garage Floor Kit is one of the least expensive entries on this list. It retails for around $80 for a one-car garage kit.

It’s available in Gray and Tan. You can find the Daich Epoxy Floor Kit at Home Hardware in Canada.

Drylok Colors

Drylok is manufactured by UGL (United Gilsonite Laboratories) who were the people that invented America’s first polyurethane coating. They’re based out of Dunmore, Pennsylvania.

Drylok as two product lines that would work to pant your garage floor.

The Drylok Latex Concrete Floor Paint is a latex paint, so it’s not the most durable. However, it’s very affordable and has a drying time of only four hours.

It’s available in several different colors: White, Terra Cotta, Persian Red, Soft Gray, Gull, Dover Gray, Georgetown Gray and Bamboo Beige. There are also four additional tints available: Caramel, Platinum, Spruce and Deep Charcoal.

Drylok concrete and garage floor paint colors

The Drylok E1 1-Part Epoxy Floor Paint is an epoxy paint, which is different than the epoxy garage floor coatings than you’ll see elsewhere on this list.

Epoxy concrete paint offers more durability than the latex concrete floor paint, but not as much as a true epoxy coating.

It’s available in two colors, Gray and Platinum. It’s also available in several different tints: Arctic White, Platinum, Gray, Dark Gray, Harvest Brown, Natural Sand, Chestnut, Stone Blue, Sky Blue, Sage and Terra Cotta.

Drylok garage floor paints are available in the US at Home Depot and Ace Hardware. I’ve also featured Drylok paints to help waterproof my garage walls.

Dyco Colors

Dyco Paints is headquartered just down the highway from me in Clearwater, Florida. They started making roofing products back in 1967, and then branched out to making garage floor paints and floor coatings.

TUFF COAT is an acrylic-based paint that has a low sheen. It’s available in several colors: White, Cement, Deck Grey, Charcoal Grey, Gulf Grey, Sand Beige, Bombay, Brick Red, Terra Cotta, Forrest Green and Cordova Brown.

Dyco TUFF Coat colors

You can find Dyco paints at Home Depot in the United States.

Dy-mark Colors

Dy-Mark is an Australian company founded in 1964, based in Brisbane making printing inks. They grew quickly once they started manufacturing paints and are now one of the leading paint providers in Australia.

Dy-Mark has two epoxy floor coating kits, one designed for Professionals and one designed for DIY homeowners. Both are available in Slate and Carrara Grey, with the Professional also available in Warm White and Sand Dune.

Dy-Mark paints are available in Australia at Bunnings Warehouse.

INSL-X Colors

INSL-X is part of the Benjamin Moore family of paint products. As a company, Benjamin Moore was founded in 1883 and is based out of New York.

INSL-X has two garage floor paint products: Garage Guard and Hot Trax.

Hot Trax is an acrylic garage floor paint with an epoxy additive. It comes in a satin finish and is. GarageGuard is a water based, two part epoxy. It’s available in Showroom Gray and Desert Sand.

INSL-X paints are available in the United States at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Ace Hardware. Some paint lines may only be available in certain stores however.

RokRez Colors

ROKREZ is manufactured by Simiron, a US company founded in 1994 and based out of Madison Heights, Michigan.

There are two versions of the ROKREZ product line, DIY ROKREZ and ROKREZ Pro.

ROKREZ Pro is a thicker epoxy coating, designed to take a lot of punishment. While you can still use it on a residential garage, it’s mainly for warehouses, retail stores and other high-traffic areas.

It comes in base colors of Clear, Steel Gray, Gray and Tan. But you can use any of the metallic additive colors as well.

ROKREZ DIY isn’t as hardcore as ROKREZ PRO, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lightweight either.

It’s a thick, self-leveling two-part epoxy coating that is up to twenty times stronger than many other DIY epoxy floor coatings. Kits are available for one-car and two-car garages in Gray, Dark Gray and Tan.

ROKREZ garage epoxy kit colors

What I love about ROKREZ is their lineup of Metallic Additives that work with all of their epoxy floor coatings. They mix with the epoxy and come in the following colors: Aluminum, Apple Green, Bright Orange, Bronze, Cabernet, Charcoal, Chestnut Brown, Cobalt, Copper, Crimson, Gold Rush, Graphite, Luster Blue, Magenta, Marigold, Merlot, Oyster, Pearl, Smoke Gray and Violet.

You can order ROKREZ directly through their website.

Ronseal Colors

Ronseal is a UK-based paint company founded in 1956 that was purchased by Sherwin-Williams back in 1997.

Their Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint is an oil-based paint that comes i satin finish. It’s specifically for concrete surfaces or bare stone and dries to the touch in about four hours. However you’ll need to wait about 72 hours before it’s vehicle ready.

It’s available in four specialty colors: Slate, Steel Blue, Green and Tile Red.

You can find Ronseal garage floor paints in both Wickes and Homebase stores in the United Kingdom.

Rustoleum Colors

Rust-oleum was founded as a company way back in 1921 and is headquartered in Evanston, Illinois. There are over three dozen brands in the Rust-oleum family. They’re one of the most popular garage floor paint brands sold in the United States and Canada.

You can find them at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Canadian Tire and Home Hardware stores.


EpoxyShield Colors

If you’ve gone looking for an epoxy floor coating at most hardware stores, chances are you’ve seen Epoxyshield. It’s one of the most popular DIY solutions in the United States and Canada.

It’s a 2-part epoxy floor coating that is up to five times stronger than a single-part concrete paint. It has a glossy finish and cuts the drying time down to only three days.

  • Epoxyshield Garage Floor Coating is available in: Gray, Dark Gray and Tan
  • Epoxyshield Professional Floor Coating is available in Silver Gray, Dark Gray, Dunes Tan and Tile Red (all semi-gloss)
  • The Epoxyshield Universal Tint Base is available in the following colors: Almond Delght, Aqua Marine, Aqua Mist, Armor Gray, Black Knight, Blue Ridge, Cactus, Cayenne, Charcoal Gray, Cigar, Cocoa, Country Rose, Deep Sage, Dry Earth, Gray Sky, Ginger, Ice Blue Mellow Mauve, New Concrete, Plump Grape, Sand, Sky Blue, Slate Gray, Taupe, Tropical Beach, Twilight Blue and Wheat
  • Finally, Epoxyshield Garage Floor Deep Tint Base is available in the following colors: Almond Delight, Aqua Marine, Black Knight, Brick Red, Brickstone, Cactus, Charcoal Gray, Cigar, Cocoa, Ginger, Gray Sky, Plump Grape, Sage and Twilight Blue
Epoxyshield garage floor paint colors
Epoxyshield metallic garage floor paint colors

Metallic Garage Colors

Rust-oleum also has the Metallic Garage line of garage floor paints which is a combination paint & primer. It’s similar to the Concrete & Garage floor paint line (see below). However it comes in three brilliant colors: Gunmetal, Cobalt Blue and Metallic Copper.

Concrete & Garage Colors

The Concrete & Garage Floor Paint & Primer line of paints is an acrylic paint that has a satin finish. It goes on quickly, like normal paint and needs five days before you can park your car on it.

It’s available in many different colors for your garage floor:

  • Paint: Armor Gray, Battleship Gray, Sand Satin
  • Paint & Primer: Almond Delight, Aqua Marine, Black Knight, Brick Red, Brickstone, Cactus, Cayenne, Charcoal Gray, Cigar, Cocoa, Deep Sage, Ginger, Gray Sky, Pine, Plump Grape and Twilight Blue
  • Tint Base: Blue Smoke, Blue Spruce, Buckskin, Colonial Blue, Desert Mauve, Glacier Gray, Ice Blue, Mexican Tile, Mocha, Prairie Grass, Saddle Brown, Sage, Sandstone and Tan

RockSolid Colors

RockSolid floor coatings are made of polycuramine. That is a blend of Polyurea, Urethane and Epoxy and is proprietary to the RockSolid brand.

You can read more about the pros and cons of polycuramine vs. epoxy garage floors here.

Rocksolid polycuramine garage floor colors

Polycuramine is reported to be up to twenty times stronger than epoxy coatings alone and has a much shorter drying time. You can drive your car on a polycuramine coated floor in around 24 hours.

The RockSolid floor coatings are available in four different versions:

  • The Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating Kit is available in Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Mocha and Tan
  • The Marble Floor Coating Kit is available in Mountain White or Stone Obsidian
  • Pearlescent Floor Coating Kits are available in Cabernet, Emerald, Graphite, Midnight Blue, Smokey Blue and Pearl Black
  • Polycuramine Metallic Floor Coating Kits have some of the wildest colors I’ve seen. They’re available in Amaretto, Silver Bullet, Gunmetal, Brilliant Blue, Cherry Bomb, Copper Pot, Earth Brown and Burnished Gold

For more information on the differences between polycuramine and epoxy, check out my in-depth article here.

Wrapping It Up

Once you’ve picked a color, be sure that you can paint over your existing garage floor epoxy. Check out this article for more details.

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