15 Best Coffee Table Books for Car Lovers

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Discover the ultimate collection of coffee table books for car lovers!

These books offer stunning visuals and fascinating insights from classic American cars to exotic supercars and the iconic tales of legendary brands like Porsche and Ferrari.

Whether you’re a vintage car lover or a modern-day gearhead, scroll through our curated list to find the perfect addition to your collection.

The Atlas of Car Design Pin

The Atlas of Car Design: The World’s Most Iconic Cars

The Atlas of Car Design: The World’s Most Iconic Cars (Onyx Edition) is an exquisite tribute to automotive design, meticulously curated by Jason Barlow with contributions from Brett Berk and Guy Bird. This monumental work surveys over 650 of the most exceptional car designs from more than 190 manufacturers across 30 countries, spanning more than a century of automotive history.


  • Global Perspective: Organized geographically and chronologically, the book covers iconic models from Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Britain, and the United States, among others.
  • Visual Feast: The oversized format showcases period photography, studio shots, and vintage car advertisements, displaying each car in remarkable detail.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Chronicles the evolution of car design, capturing engineering feats, economic shifts, high-society lifestyles, and popular culture influences.
  • Expert Insights: Features captivating texts that delve into the stories behind these legendary cars, making it both an authoritative reference and a source of design inspiration.

Praised by top publications like Vanity Fair, Car and Driver, Architectural Digest, and The Times, this book is a high-octane feast for car enthusiasts and design lovers alike. Its 568 pages are filled with rich archival imagery and expert commentary, making it a must-have for anyone passionate about automotive history and design. Whether you are a car connoisseur or simply appreciate beautiful design, The Atlas of Car Design offers an immersive journey through the fascinating world of iconic automobiles. This luxurious volume, with its substantial weight and elegant presentation, is a perfect addition to any coffee table or collector’s library.

100 Cars That Changed the World

100 Cars that Changed the World Book Pin

100 Cars That Changed the World: The Designs, Engines, and Technologies That Drive Our Imaginations by Publications International Ltd. and the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide is an engaging and informative journey through the history of the automobile. This book highlights 100 groundbreaking vehicles that have shaped the automotive industry from the late 19th century to 2020.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: Features iconic cars such as the Ford Model T, Volkswagen Beetle, Jeep, Pontiac GTO, Dodge Caravan, Ford Explorer, and Tesla Model S.
  • Visual Delight: Showcases each vehicle with brief text, vibrant color photos, and vintage black-and-white photography.
  • Innovations and Impact: Chronicles the innovations in styling, engine performance, and the cultural impact of these influential cars.
  • Gift-Worthy Presentation: With its large, coffee-table format, this 144-page hardcover book makes an ideal gift for car enthusiasts.

This #1 Best Seller in Automotive History offers a captivating look at the cars that revolutionized transportation and captured our imaginations. From early horseless carriages to modern electric cars, 100 Cars That Changed the World is a must-have for anyone passionate about automotive history and innovation.

My Dad had that Car book Pin

My Dad Had That Car: A Nostalgic Look at the American Automobile, 1920-1990

My Dad Had That Car: A Nostalgic Look at the American Automobile, 1920-1990 by Tad Burness, with an introduction by Matt Stone, is a comprehensive and nostalgic journey through 70 years of American automotive history. This extensive volume, spanning 1,376 pages, is packed with over 12,500 illustrations and photographs, making it an essential addition to any car enthusiast’s collection.


  • Rich Historical Coverage: Chronicles the evolution of American cars from the Model T in 1908 to early SUVs of the 1990s.
  • Extensive Illustrations: Features genuine, factory-fresh photographs and drawings from Burness’s archives, alongside detailed information about original prices, engine sizes, horsepower, and other specifications.
  • Era-Organized Layout: Organized by era, it includes more than 250 manufacturers and hundreds of individual models, tracing the development of American automotive design and innovation.
  • Expert Commentary: Includes an introduction and commentary by automotive journalist Matt Stone, providing additional insights and context.

This book is a one-of-a-kind history of the American car, documenting the ingenuity and creativity that defined the automotive industry for decades. Perfect for classic car fans, My Dad Had That Car offers a nostalgic look at the cars that shaped American culture and industry. With its in-depth coverage and extensive visual documentation, this book is a valuable resource and a delightful trip down memory lane for anyone who loves cars.

A Man & His Car: Iconic Cars and Stories from the Men Who Love Them

A Man and His Car book Pin

A Man & His Car: Iconic Cars and Stories from the Men Who Love Them by Matt Hranek is a heartfelt celebration of the deep connections between men and their beloved cars. This #1 Best Seller in Antique & Collectible Transportation brings together over 80 personal stories and stunning photographs, making it a must-have for any car enthusiast.


  • Personal Stories: Features tales from a diverse group of car lovers, including celebrities like Ed Burns, Shaquille O’Neal, and Jay Leno. Each story delves into their personal bond with their cherished vehicles, providing a unique glimpse into their lives.
  • Stunning Photography: Filled with beautiful photographs of the cars and their exquisite details, capturing the essence of each vehicle and what makes it special to its owner.
  • Cultural Insight: Explores the cultural and emotional significance of cars, showcasing how they become more than just machines but integral parts of their owners’ identities and histories.
  • Expert Commentary: Matt Hranek’s background as an author, photographer, and director shines through, with his passion for cars evident in every page.

Recognized by publications like the Robb Report, Sports Car News, and InsideHook as one of the best coffee table books for car lovers, A Man & His Car offers an engaging and visually stunning experience. Spanning 240 pages, this hardcover book is perfect for anyone who appreciates the artistry and personal stories behind some of the world’s most iconic cars. 

Corvette: 70 Years book Pin

Corvette 70 Years: The One and Only

Corvette 70 Years: The One and Only by Richard Prince is an essential read for any Corvette enthusiast, celebrating seven decades of America’s iconic sports car. This richly illustrated book captures the full story of the Corvette, from its inception to the latest mid-engine C8 model.


  • Comprehensive History: Chronicles the evolution of the Corvette through the lens of the three dozen most influential models from all eight generations.
  • Iconic Models: Features milestone cars like the 1953 original, the 1963 split-window coupe, the 1984 C4, and the revolutionary 2020 mid-engine C8.
  • Beautiful Visuals: Includes stunning contemporary photos and rare historical images, offering a visual feast for car lovers.
  • Expert Insight: Provides in-depth analyses of the engineering and design stories behind each model, created with the cooperation of General Motors.

Richard Prince’s passion and expertise shine through, making this 256-page hardcover a treasure trove of information and eye candy for Corvette fans. With its detailed narratives and striking imagery, Corvette 70 Years: The One and Only is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the legacy and innovation of Chevrolet’s legendary sports car.

Ford Mustang 60 Years

Mustang: 60 Years book Pin

Ford Mustang 60 Years by Donald Farr is an expertly written and beautifully illustrated tribute to the iconic pony car. This Ford-licensed history book covers six decades of the Mustang’s legacy, from its explosive debut in 1964 to its modern iterations.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: Chronicles the Mustang’s evolution through seven generations, highlighting key milestones such as the initial design, the Millionth Mustang, and the latest high-performance models like the Dark Horse and GTD.
  • Exclusive Content: Features commissioned photography and images from Ford’s archives, providing a visually stunning journey through Mustang history.
  • Iconic Moments: Includes stories of the Mustang’s starring roles in movies like “Bullitt,” its impact on the racing world, and notable models like the GT350 by Carroll Shelby.
  • Expert Insight: Authored by Donald Farr, editor of Mustang Times magazine and a Mustang historian with over 40 years of experience.

This 256-page hardcover book, available for pre-order, is a must-have for Ford and muscle car enthusiasts. Ford Mustang 60 Years offers an in-depth look at one of America’s most beloved sports cars, celebrating its enduring appeal and performance heritage. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a new admirer, this book provides a rich and engaging history of the Mustang that will enhance any car lover’s collection.

Shelby 60 Years book Pin

Shelby American: 60 Years of High Performance

Shelby American 60 Years of High Performance: The Stories Behind the Cobra, Daytona, Mustang GT350 and GT500, Ford GT40 and More by Colin Comer and Richard J. Kopec is an in-depth tribute to the legendary Carroll Shelby and his influential company. This beautifully illustrated book spans six decades of high-performance engineering, detailing the iconic cars and the people who made them possible.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: Chronicles the history of Shelby American from its inception in 1962 to its continued influence today.
  • Iconic Models: Features detailed stories and images of the Cobra, Daytona Coupe, Mustang GT350 and GT500, Ford GT40, and more.
  • Legendary Figures: Offers insights into key personalities like Carroll Shelby, designer Peter Brock, engineer Phil Remington, and drivers such as Ken Miles and Dan Gurney.
  • Rare Imagery: Illustrated with rare period photographs and modern color images, providing a visually rich experience.
  • Post-Ford Ventures: Explores Shelby’s collaborations with Dodge, including the Shelby Charger, GLH, GLH-S, and the development of the Dodge Viper.

Shelby American 60 Years of High Performance is a must-have for any car enthusiast, celebrating the ingenuity, grit, and perseverance that defined Shelby American and its groundbreaking vehicles. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the Shelby legacy, this book provides a comprehensive and fascinating look at the cars and the team that made history.

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company: Archive Collection

harley davidson archive book Pin

The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection by Darwin Holmstrom and photographer Randy Leffingwell, with a foreword by Bill Jackson, is a visually stunning and comprehensive tribute to over a century of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This book, created in cooperation with the official Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, offers a deep dive into the history and evolution of one of America’s most iconic motorcycle brands.


  • Rich Historical Coverage: Chronicles more than 100 years of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, from the first serial number built in 1903 to modern models like the Street Glide.
  • Exquisite Photography: Features detailed photographs and histories of over 200 motorcycles from Harley-Davidson’s collection, capturing every intricate detail that has made these bikes legendary.
  • Diverse Models: Covers a wide range of motorcycles, including early singles and twins, street bikes, race bikes, and military bikes powered by Flatheads, Panheads, Knuckleheads, Evos, and Twin Cams.
  • Engaging Narrative: Written by Darwin Holmstrom, a seasoned author with extensive experience in automotive and motorcycle writing, and Randy Leffingwell, a prolific author known for his detailed and captivating automotive books.

This 416-page hardcover book provides a thorough and engaging look at the motorcycles that have defined Harley-Davidson’s legacy. With its high-quality images and in-depth histories, The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection is a must-have for motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors. Whether you’re a long-time Harley fan or new to the world of motorcycles, this book offers an immersive experience into the heritage of an American icon.

Art of the Hot Rod book Pin

Art of the Hot Rod

Art of the Hot Rod by Ken Gross, with photography by Peter Harholdt, is a visually stunning celebration of American hot rodding. This book profiles the top builders in the industry and showcases their most outstanding custom creations through breathtaking studio photography.


  • Top Builders: Features profiles of renowned hot-rod builders like Pete Chapouris, Roy Brizio, Vern Tardel, Troy Trepanier, and 15 others.
  • Exquisite Photography: Master photographer Peter Harholdt captures these magnificent hot rods in stunning detail, presenting them as true works of art.
  • Custom Creations: Showcases hot rods built from the ground up, using salvaged parts, and blending classic aesthetics with modern technology.
  • Celebration of Style: The book highlights the uniquely American marriage of mechanical expertise and inspired design, offering a gallery of the best in hot rodding.

With 240 pages of high-quality images and engaging narratives, Art of the Hot Rod is a must-have for car enthusiasts and collectors. Ken Gross, an experienced automotive writer and former Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum, provides insightful commentary that complements Harholdt’s stunning photography. Whether you’re a hot rod aficionado or appreciate automotive artistry, this book offers a unique and immersive look at some of the most beautiful and powerful custom cars ever created.

Classic American Cars: An Illustrated Guide

Classic American Cars book Pin

Classic American Cars: An Illustrated Guide by Craig Cheetham is a comprehensive and visually stunning journey through the history of the American automobile. This book covers over 75 of America’s most iconic cars, from the early 20th century to modern times, providing an in-depth look at the vehicles that shaped American culture and technology.


  • Historical Coverage: Traces the evolution of American cars from the Model T to the 1960s Plymouth Roadrunner, showcasing the impact of technological and societal changes.
  • Iconic Models: Features legendary cars like the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado, with detailed descriptions of their design, modifications, and performance.
  • Visual Feast: Illustrated with over 1,000 full-color, specially-commissioned photographs that capture every aspect of these classic cars.
  • Technical Details: Includes comprehensive specification panels with detailed technical and performance information, making it a valuable resource for car enthusiasts.

Spanning 320 pages, this hardcover book offers a vivid and engaging exploration of America’s greatest automobiles. Craig Cheetham’s expertise shines through, providing both informative text and stunning visuals that transport readers into the driver’s seat of these remarkable vehicles. Classic American Cars: An Illustrated Guide is a must-have for any classic car lover, offering a rich and immersive experience into the history and beauty of American automotive design. Whether you are a long-time enthusiast or new to the world of classic cars, this book is sure to delight and inform.

Porsche: 70 Years book Pin

Porsche 70 Years: There Is No Substitute

Porsche 70 Years: There Is No Substitute by Randy Leffingwell is a must-have for any Porsche enthusiast. This beautifully illustrated book chronicles the history of one of the world’s most iconic automotive manufacturers. From the original 356 model to the contemporary 918, Leffingwell captures Porsche’s evolution over seven decades.


  • Richly Illustrated: Features contemporary photos and rare historical images.
  • Comprehensive History: Detailed analyses of milestone cars like the 356, 904, 917, 911, 928, and more.
  • Expert Insights: Created with Porsche’s cooperation, offering engineering and design stories behind their most famous cars.
  • Critical Acclaim: Praised for its mix of gorgeous vintage photographs and eloquent text.

This 256-page hardcover book is an ideal addition to any car lover’s coffee table, offering a detailed and engaging look at Porsche’s storied past.

The Ferrari Book: Passion for Design

The Ferrari Book: Passion for Design Pin

The Ferrari Book: Passion for Design by Michael Köckritz is a stunning tribute to the legendary Ferrari brand. This luxurious coffee table book delves into the essence of what makes Ferrari so captivating, from its innovative designs to its remarkable racing history.


  • Comprehensive Insight: Explores the influence of Enzo Ferrari and the brand’s international racing successes.
  • Stunning Visuals: Features breathtaking photographs and detailed descriptions of 40 iconic Ferrari designs.
  • Multilingual Text: Available in English, German, French, and Italian.
  • Elegant Presentation: The velvety cover and large format exude luxury, making it a perfect display piece.

Spanning 416 pages, this book is a must-have for Ferrari enthusiasts and supercar aficionados, offering a deep dive into the passion and design excellence that define Ferrari.

Mini: 60 Years book Pin

Mini: 60 Years by Giles Chapman is a celebration of one of the most beloved cars in automotive history. This book chronicles the remarkable journey of the Mini, from its groundbreaking debut in 1959 to the modern iterations we see today.


  • Rich History: Covers the evolution of the Mini from its original design by Sir Alec Issigonis to its modern versions under BMW.
  • Iconic Design: Explores the innovative front-wheel-drive layout and the Mini’s significant impact on car design.
  • Racing Success: Details the Mini’s victories in the Monte Carlo Rally from 1964 to 1967.
  • Comprehensive Insight: Includes contributions from award-winning automotive writer Giles Chapman, providing a thorough and engaging narrative.

This 176-page hardcover book is perfect for Mini enthusiasts and car lovers alike, offering a detailed look at the car that revolutionized automotive design and continues to capture hearts worldwide.

Top Gear Ultimate Supercars

Top Gear Ultimate Supercars book Pin

Top Gear Ultimate Supercars by Jason Barlow is a thrilling homage to the pinnacle of automotive performance. This book, curated by the experts at TopGear, delves into the world of supercars, showcasing the most extreme and cutting-edge designs in the industry.


  • Expert Insight: Edited by Jason Barlow, a renowned journalist and broadcaster with over 25 years of experience in the automotive world.
  • Latest Developments: Covers the newest generation of pure-electric supercars and those aiming to break the 300 mph barrier.
  • Stunning Visuals: Features breathtaking photography and detailed descriptions of the most iconic supercars.
  • High-Octane World: Provides an up-to-date look at the ever-evolving and fast-paced world of supercars.

Spanning 264 pages, this hardcover book is a must-have for car enthusiasts, offering an exhilarating journey through the most powerful and radical supercars ever made. Buckle up and get ready to explore the ultimate in automotive excellence.

Bond Cars: The Definitive History Pin

Bond Cars: The Definitive History

Bond Cars: The Definitive History by Jason Barlow is a luxurious tribute to the iconic vehicles driven by James Bond, cinema’s most famous spy. This beautifully presented book takes you behind the scenes of every car that has graced the Bond films.


  • Exclusive Content: Features original call sheets, technical drawings, storyboards, and previously unpublished photos.
  • In-Depth Insights: Includes interviews with Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, as well as actor Daniel Craig and special effects supervisor Chris Corbould.
  • Authoritative Writing: Jason Barlow’s extensive connections with Aston Martin and EON Productions provide significant letters, documents, and production stills.
  • Richly Illustrated: Stunning visuals and detailed narratives of the cars, stunts, and behind-the-scenes engineering.

Spanning 336 pages, this hardcover book is an essential addition for Bond fans and car enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive and captivating history of the legendary cars that have become synonymous with the James Bond legacy.

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