99 Funny Car Guy & Garage Memes

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We’ve collected our favorite tool, car guy & garage memes and put them all in one place for you.


33 Funny Garage Memes

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have cars in my garage than a bunch of stuff I should have thrown out years ago.

There are two types of garages Pin

I’m not even a King of the Hill fanboy, but this is EPIC!!!

King of the Hill garage door Pin

I…uhhh….I don’t think that’s how a doggie door works.

You wanted a doggie door Pin

This is the real housing crisis!

It's so hard to find a 1-bedroom, 5-car garage Pin

You gotta work with what you’ve got.

Too big for the garage Pin

The garage is a little small, if we’re being honest.

If men designed houses Pin

We all have that one friend who can’t park.

Your driveway was full Pin

Who else gets annoyed by YouTube DIY tutorials?

You can build this for $50 Pin

I grew up in a house with a driveway like this. Shoveling shovel snow in the winter was hell!

Steep driveway Pin

At least the last house HAD a driveway, though!

You had one job! Pin

If anyone’s got video footage of this, I NEED to see it!

Don't pour concrete near a pond Pin

If you’re married, you understand.

Definition of a Mancave Pin

I knew a guy who could do this. Crazy.

Tetris level: expert Pin

Hope you’ve got motorcycles!

Garage for sale. Nobody parks in front of it Pin

Love it!!!

Messing with the neighbors Pin

Yeah…that’s about right.

How every guy cleans his garage Pin

She didn’t say HOW it needed to fit!

If it doesn't fit, you have to sell it Pin

ooops. Gotta go!

I need you to clean out the garage this week Pin

Where’s the driveway gonna go?

Just wait to see the garage I'm going to build Pin

Some things you just shouldn’t mess with.

How to fix a garage door without losing a finger Pin

This looks like most houses in my neighborhood, actually.

You can park cars in there? Pin


Sounds you hear in the garage Pin

That’s the way to design a house!

tiny house with massive garage Pin

I’d be too busy driving to start anything else, honestly.

I started a multibillion dollar company in my parents garage Pin

That’s about right.

Am I cleaning or organizing a mess? Pin

I’m just a simple man with simple needs.

Some people just want high ceilings Pin

I told you not to park there.

You can't park there! Pin

That’ll teach her to be more specific in the future!

So I built a taller garage Pin


So I became a garage Pin

We all have at least one friend who could use this message.

You should clean your garage Pin


Where's grandma? Pin

It never works out like she plans it.

The wife wants things in the garage Pin


You said you don't need a storage unit Pin

55 Funny Car Guy Memes

No, but they’ll never forget going 120MPH!

Because your kids won't remember the time you got 30 MPG Pin

Don’t worry about this kid. He’s going to be just fine.

Can't go out. It's car show season Pin


Car guys be like... Pin

…but we always seem to notice car girls.

When car guys see car girls Pin

Sometimes progress isn’t a good thing.

Self driving cars? No thanks! Pin


Priorities Pin

I had an RX-7 once. This one cuts deep…

Rotary engine blues Pin

I’m still popping wheelies in the grocery store parking lot!

How car guys shop Pin


Take me for a ride in your Prius Pin

Gotta teach them right.

Your son vs my son Pin

That’s about right.

Me talking about cars Pin

Fair trade, I’d say.

Buy more car parts and you'll be sleeping in the garage Pin

What are your three?

Choose 3 cars that will be the only cars you ever own Pin

Raise your hand if you can say this. Anyone???

Obi-Wan: Thats a phrase I've not said in a very long time. Pin


Because no one will be excited to find a 2003 Kia Pin

Teach them right!

Get them involved early Pin

Bo & Luke. Definitely!

Who did it better? Pin

It’s OK. He’s helping out.

Best night of sleep Pin

I have plans. In the garage. Pin


car meets vs the ones I see on the internet Pin

As long as you can laugh over a few beers later, it’s all good.

Don't get competitive on track day Pin

At least it had seatbelts.

We die like real men Pin


A drug addiction would have been cheaper Pin

So that’s where it went.

I found the bolt! Pin


The perfect security system Pin

We’ve all had at least one car like this.

I built it myself Pin

Gotta make do with what you can afford.

What I want vs what I can afford Pin

I’m leaning towards “It’s gonna break soon.”

Is it more efficient or will it break soon? Pin

Now that’s a Facebook game I can get into!

Candy Crush vs building race cars Pin

If you know…you know. LOL

Reverse flame job Pin

I’m on board with this!

Priorities: you're doing it right Pin

Wouldn’t change a thing.

What we learned working on cars Pin

More points for cyclists, right?

Stay away from this guy Pin

This is what I think of when I see these signs in my neighborhood!

Drive like your kids live here. Pin

And they haven’t gotten any less scary.

Christine. The first self-driving car Pin


Money can buy happiness. You just need the right cars Pin

Yeah….been there. Blown that.

Knock knock joke Pin


Because I let you Pin

At least it went to a good cause!

So this is what happened to my college fund Pin

Maybe dial it back a bit.

Just tell her your interests Pin

I do the same thing.

I don't always downshift... Pin

I need to try this. For science.

Porsche cures male lonliness Pin

Looks good to me.

How about here? Pin

Sounds about right.

Project cars Pin

Admit it. When you first hear about self driving cars, this is what you thought of.

Google self-driving cars Pin

I don’t think this thing is running on 93 octane though.

Who says its not a street car? Pin


The monsters are in the garage Pin

First rule of garages…

What happens in the garage, stays in the garage Pin

That’s how I’ve always read those signs.

Road signs true meaning Pin

Yeah. So what’s the problem?

How car guys live Pin

It’s still junk.

One man's junk is another man's junk Pin


What warning lights really mean Pin

They never stay stock for very long.

I need a new daily driver Pin

Guilty as charged.

I did it on Xbox Pin

Sibling rivalry.

Turbo vs Supercharger Pin

Choose wisely.

Cars in action movies vs cars in horror movies Pin

15 Funny Tool Memes

Sounds about right.

Toolbox has 5000 tools. Only ever use 10. Pin

When you have more tools than tool drawers.

We need more storage Pin

There are worse ways to spend your money.

Only $50 a week Pin

When you see it…

Socket set Pin

She still wasn’t specific enough, lol.

New kitchen remodel Pin

It’s an uncanny resemblance.

I pity the tool Pin

That’s my kind of toolbox!

Nice tool box Pin

Sounds about right.

How I spend time in the garage Pin

Nope. You’re on your own dude.

Can someone help me move my toolbox? Pin

Glad it’s not just me this happens to.

Had the same toolbox for 20 years Pin

It’s close, but I’d say the 10mm.

Which is harder to find? Pin

Looking for that 10mm socket Pin

Honey…put down the knife.

They were out of milk, so I got this instead Pin

What’s your longest “quick fix”?

Getting out of the garage after turning a 5-minute fix into a 9-hour fix Pin

Hide & Seek champion Pin

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