17 Gifts for New Drivers

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Looking for gifts for new drivers? Your new driver is excited to be on the road, but they’ll need help to get up to speed (pun intended). 

We’ve curated a list of gifts that cover all the bases: essential items that every driver needs, items to keep them safe in emergencies, and even some fun extras to make their first solo trips extra special. 

Essential New Driver Gifts

Think of these as the must-haves for new drivers.

From paperwork organization to keeping a clean ride, these essential new driver gifts will set your teen up for success. With some help from these practical items, they’ll navigate their new wheels like a seasoned pro.

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  1. Car Documents Holder: This Car Documents Holder ensures your new driver keeps all their important car paperwork organized. No more rummaging through the glove box for insurance cards or registration! With separate compartments for each document, your new driver will find everything neatly in place so they can focus on the road rather than paperwork.
  2. Car Cleaning Kit: These Armor-All Cleaning Wipes will help your new driver maintain a clean car. It includes Protectant, Glass, and Cleaning Wipes to quickly clean and protect their new vehicle.
  3. Defogger Cloth: A Defogger Cloth is essential for foggy mornings. It ensures your teen can safely see through the windshield and drive with confidence. It works fast to remove mist and streaks, giving them a clear view of the road ahead. Plus, it’s reusable, meaning it’s environmentally friendly and cost-effective for future drives.
  4. Ice Scraper: This Ice Scraper will help drivers quickly clear off snow and ice from their windshields, making chilly mornings a little easier. With an ergonomic grip and sturdy blades, this scraper tackles even the most stubborn frost. Your new driver can warm up the car while clearing the windshield, ensuring they’re ready to roll.
  5. Annual AAA Auto Club Membership: Don’t panic over a flat tire, lockout, or dead battery. An AAA Membership provides peace of mind with roadside assistance. It’s like a reliable backup plan for any car emergency. With benefits like towing, fuel delivery, and battery replacement, your new driver will be prepared for the unexpected without relying solely on their phone’s signal.
  6. The Driving Book: The Driving Book is a handy guide for new drivers that covers road safety and driving etiquette. It explains what to do if stopped by a police officer or when handling a fender-bender and offers practical advice on managing distractions. It’s a valuable resource that will empower your teen to make safer decisions behind the wheel.
  7. Umbrella: A Windproof Travel Umbrella is great for keeping dry on rainy days, especially when walking to the car or making quick dashes through parking lots. I keep mine in the side door pocket for whenever the weather takes an unexpected turn. Durable and easy to open, it’s a practical accessory that helps your new driver handle unpredictable weather with style.

These practical new driver gifts will help your new driver start off on the right foot, ensuring their car is organized, clean, and ready for the road.

Gifts to Plan for Emergencies

Because not all drives go as smoothly as we hope, these emergency gifts for new drivers are here to save the day. Flat tires, fogged windshields, and minor fender-benders don’t stand a chance.

Equip your new driver with these roadside superheroes so they’re prepared for whatever comes their way.

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  1. Roadside Emergency Kit: This Roadside Emergency Kit is essential for any new driver. It contains jumper cables, a tire repair kit, a first aid kit, and other useful tools that can help handle unexpected situations on the road. Whether it’s a flat tire or a minor breakdown, your new driver will have peace of mind knowing they’re well-prepared for emergencies.
  2. Personal Safety Keychains: Safety is always a priority, and these personal safety keychains offer quick access to security tools like a pepper spray keychain (if legally allowed) and an alarm keychain
  3. Car Safety Escape Tool: A Car Safety Escape Tool can be a lifesaver in dire situations. It has a seatbelt cutter and a window breaker for quick escape from the vehicle in case of an accident or emergency. It’s compact and easy to attach to a keychain, so your new driver will always have it within reach.
  4. Tire-Fix Kit: A Tire-Fix Kit can save your new driver from a flat tire headache. It contains everything needed to fix a puncture or temporarily fix a slow leak. It’s quick, effective, and will help your teen reach the nearest repair shop without waiting for a tow truck.
  5. Fire Extinguisher: A Fire Extinguisher is a crucial addition to any vehicle. It’s compact, easy to use, and can quickly extinguish small car fires or electrical issues. Having this on hand gives your new driver extra safety in unexpected emergencies.
  6. New Driver Survival Kit: Putting together a New Driver Survival Kit ensures your teen is well-prepared for various situations. Include a roadmap in case their phone’s GPS fails, a Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight for nighttime visibility, and emergency cash to handle unexpected expenses. This kit will help them stay calm and confident no matter what challenges come their way.

By giving these emergency gifts, you’re ensuring that your new driver is equipped to handle any challenges on the road safely and confidently.

Fun Gifts for New Drivers

Why not add some flair to that freshly minted driver’s license?

These fun new driver gifts keep driving lighthearted while adding a splash of personality to their vehicle. After all, a little humor goes a long way when dodging traffic and avoiding detours!

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  1. Travel Mug: This Best Driver Ever travel mug is perfect for new drivers who are always on the go. It’s insulated to keep drinks hot or cold, ensuring that early-morning coffee or afternoon iced tea is just the right temperature during their commute. Plus, with various witty designs available, your new driver can stay hydrated (and entertained) in style.
  2. Things to Not Crash Into Book: The Things to Not Crash Into Book is a humorous guide for new drivers. Filled with playful illustrations and practical advice, it offers a lighthearted yet informative look at common driving mishaps and how to avoid them. Your new driver will appreciate this fun read while learning valuable lessons on staying safe on the road.
  3. New Driver Magnets: Most New Driver Magnets are obnoxious. These are hilarious! They’re a playful way to let others know that there’s a new driver behind the wheel. (Sorry in advance!)

These fun gifts will help your new driver stay positive and enjoy the journey as they gain more experience on the road!

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