Choosing the Best Hexagon Garage Lights [Comparing 5 Brands]

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You’ve probably seen Instagram pics of dream garages with an epic hexagon lighting setup.

You’ve finally decided to pull the trigger and buy them for your garage, but light kits can easily cost between $600-$1200, so you don’t want to waste money buying the wrong one. 

I’ve tested dozens of lights over the years, so I’ve learned a thing or two about what’s really important when upgrading your garage lighting.

In this article, we’ll compare five of the most popular garage hexagon lighting kits based on performance, efficiency, and how awesome they’ll make your garage look. We’ll look at which is best overall and which you should buy if you’re on a budget.

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– Best Value: Modern Hexagon LED Light Kit with Border

If you’ve been considering buying hexagon lights for your garage, you’ll want to keep reading.

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Hexagon Garage Lighting vs Shop Lights

When lighting up your garage, the choice often boils down to two popular options: hexagon garage lights and shop lights. 

Each has unique features, benefits, and drawbacks, making them suitable for different needs and preferences.

Hexagon Garage Lighting

Hexagon garage lighting features interconnected hexagonal panels or LED lights connected to make geometric shapes. The most common is a hexagon, hence the name.

This customizable and contemporary design lights up your garage and adds an aesthetic touch, allowing you to tailor the design and colors to your mood and style. These lights shine with bright, even, focused illumination, providing optimal light distribution and energy efficiency.

However, they come with a higher price tag and can be more complex to install and maintain than shop lights.

Some users find these lights too bright or harsh, and covering a large area might require numerous panels.

Shop Lights

On the flip side, Shop Lights, either fluorescent or LED, are the more traditional choice.

These long, cylindrical tubes, typically hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall, offer ample ambient light to cover your entire garage. They’re budget-friendly, straightforward to install and replace, and widely available.

Hykolity garage lights installed and looking good Pin

Despite their simplicity, some models may produce more glare, heat, and noise and may not be as long-lasting or energy-efficient as Hexagon Garage Lighting.

The hexagon garage lighting system stands out for its ability to create a personalized lighting design.

You can experiment with various layouts, from honeycomb patterns to spirals, and play with colors and brightness levels. This system can transform your garage into a modern, stylish space that reflects your personality.

In contrast, shop lights offer a more practical and functional approach. They are less about style and more about providing consistent, sufficient lighting for everyday garage activities.

  • Hexagon garage lighting is ideal for garages with high or sloped ceilings, which can fit snugly and create a striking effect. It’s also perfect for garages that double as entertainment spaces, such as game rooms or home theaters, or for those wanting to showcase a modern, minimalist style.
  • Shop lights are best suited for low or flat-ceiling garages, as they can illuminate a larger area without creating shadows. They’re the go-to choice for work-focused or storage spaces like workshops or tool sheds and align well with a traditional or rustic garage style.

Layout Options for Hexagon Garage Lights

Hexagon garage lights offer various layout options, allowing you to customize your garage’s appearance and lighting effect.

Here’s a breakdown of these options:

Standard Hexagon Lighting

The standard layout is the most common and basic choice. It arranges the hexagonal panels in a regular grid pattern.

Standard hexagon garage lights from HexGlow Pin

Since they’re available in sizes ranging from 8 feet by 16 feet to 20 feet by 40 feet, they can be tailored to different garage sizes and shapes.

You can add or remove panels to fit your specific garage layout.

Hexagon Lighting with Border

A stylish variation, this design surrounds the hexagonal panels with a border of LED strips, adding elegance and depth to your garage’s appearance. The border also enhances safety by highlighting the ceiling’s edges and corners.

HexGlow hexagon LED light kit with red border Pin

Available in sizes like 11 feet by 16 feet or 18 feet by 8 feet, this layout can be further customized with different border colors and effects to complement various garage styles.

Custom Hexagon Lighting

Several stores offer custom hexagon lighting for those who desire maximum flexibility and creativity. These let you arrange the panels in any desired pattern, creating a unique and personalized look.

This option allows for different lighting effects, such as ambient, accent, or task lighting, depending on panel placement and direction.

You can design and order custom sizes, shapes, and colors from companies specializing in bespoke hexagon garage lighting.

RGB Hexagon Lighting

RGB hexagon lighting brings vibrant colors and dynamic effects to your garage.

These panels can display various colors, including warm white, cool white, or RGB hues. They create a festive and changeable mood, controlled via remote or smart device, and can even be synced with music or voice commands.

HexGlow RGB LED light kit Pin

Typically available in smaller sizes like 6 feet by 6 feet or 9 feet by 9 feet, RGB lighting can be integrated with standard or bordered layouts for a more versatile system.

Each layout option offers a distinct way to illuminate and style your garage, making hexagon garage lights a versatile choice for various aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Where to Find the Best Hexagon Garage Lights

To find the perfect hexagon garage lights, we’ve compared five popular brands: HexGlow, Car Guy’s Garage, Hexagon Garage, GetLitLEDLighting, and Typical Amazon Hexagon Lights.

Here’s what we found:


  • Performance: HexGlow‘s high lumen output of 66,240 lumens ensures your garage is well-lit. At the same time, using durable materials like aluminum and polycarbonate adds to the product’s longevity. Though the CRI rating isn’t specified, the brightness and power efficiency are commendable.
  • Customer Service: The 60-month warranty and US-based customer support underline HexGlow’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Expedited shipping options are a plus for quick delivery needs.
HexGlow Large LED Lighting Kit with Border

• 14 hex shapes with border

• Light-weight aluminum construction

• Ultra bright 6500k 60,000 lumens

• Voltage: 100-240V AC

• Wattage: 696W

• Easy to hang

• 5 year limited waranty

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This site contains product affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you purchase after clicking on one of these links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Car Guy Garage

  • Performance: With a stellar CRI rating over 90, Car Guy Garage’s hexagon light kits promise excellent color rendering. The lights, crafted from aluminum with a PC cover, offer a total output of 60,720 lumens. These lights are tailored for consistent, bright illumination.
  • Customer Service: A 24-month warranty might be shorter than some competitors, but free shipping in the lower 48 states is a valuable addition.

Hexagon Garage

  • Performance: Hexagon Garage’s products have a decent lumen output of 66,000 lumens. However, the lack of detailed information on materials and CRI might cause some hesitation regarding quality.
  • Customer Service: Offering a 48-month warranty and free, possibly expedited shipping, Hexagon Garage seems reliable, though the sparse product details might affect customer confidence.


  • Performance: GetLitLEDLighting impresses with a CRI rating over 90 and a high lumen output of 69,600 lumens. Combining aluminum and polycarbonate ensures durability, and the temperature-changing feature adds to the lighting versatility.
  • Customer Service: A 60-month warranty is noteworthy, but consider the potentially higher shipping costs from Australia.

Hexagon Garage Lights from Amazon

  • Performance: Amazon’s array of hexagon lights varies in quality. While you might find high-lumen output options, the build quality and energy efficiency could be inconsistent. Quality control issues like defective units have been noted.
  • Customer Service: Amazon’s return policy and customer support are generally reliable, but the experience may vary depending on the seller.
Modern Hexagon LED Garage Light Kit with Rectangle Border
  • 86400 Lumens
  • 720W
  • 6500K Color Temperature
  • Dimension: 16 ft x 8 ft
Check the Latest Price
This site contains product affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you purchase after clicking on one of these links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

When selecting hexagon garage lights, balancing your needs with each manufacturer’s offerings is crucial.

Consider factors like performance quality, durability, energy efficiency, and customer service warranties. Each brand has its strengths. The best choice will depend on your specific requirements and budget.

Whether you prioritize brightness, color rendering, or customer support, ensure your selection aligns with your garage’s lighting needs and personal preferences.

Where are the Reviews?

The hexagon garage lighting trend is relatively recent, meaning comprehensive customer reviews are sparse.

This lack of extensive feedback poses a challenge for consumers seeking to make an informed decision.

However, given the long-standing presence of LED technology in the market, there’s a reasonable expectation of good quality across these products. Be aware, though, that your mileage may vary.

My Recommendation

After analyzing the features, pros, cons, and available customer insights for each brand, here’s our recommendation:

  • For Budget-Conscious Buyers: Amazon’s hexagon lights emerge as a viable choice. They often match Car Guy’s Garage in warranty terms but typically offer better return policies and support. This makes Amazon a go-to for affordability without significantly compromising on quality.
  • For Overall Quality: HexGlow stands out as the superior option. Despite a marginally higher price, HexGlow offers a robust 5-year warranty. While their official website charges for shipping, they’re also available at other popular retailers who offer free shipping.

It’s important to note, however, that the longevity of these products remains somewhat untested.

None of the manufacturers or their hexagon light products have a track record exceeding five years. This factor should be kept in mind, especially for those looking for long-term investments.

Additionally, use caution when ordering from international companies.

Products from outside the United States might come with international plugs incompatible with US outlets, leading to additional hassle and potential safety issues.

Common Problems with Hexagon Garage Lighting

Hexagon garage lights, while innovative and stylish, are not immune to issues. Understanding these common problems can help you maintain your lighting effectively and ensure a long-lasting, efficient setup.

Bad Connections: One of the most common issues is faulty connections. Improperly connected panels or power sources can lead to intermittent or non-functional lights and, in worst cases, safety hazards like sparks or fires.

This problem often stems from poor installation, damaged connectors, or exposure to elements like moisture. To remedy this, check and tighten connections, replace connectors, repair wires, or clean and dry the affected areas.

Flickering Lights: Flickering can occur due to an unstable power supply, causing the lights to blink or dim erratically. This affects the lighting quality and can shorten the lifespan of LEDs.

Common causes include incompatible dimmers, overloaded circuits, or voltage fluctuations. Solutions involve using compatible dimmers, stabilizing voltage, or isolating interference from other devices.

Color Inconsistencies: Variations in color across panels can disrupt your garage’s overall appearance and ambiance. These inconsistencies might be due to faulty LED chips, poor calibration, or exposure to varying heat and light conditions.

Fixing this issue may require replacing LED components, recalibrating colors, or adjusting environmental factors affecting the lights.

Dimming Issues: If your hexagon lights do not dim smoothly, you may experience a jerky or uneven lighting experience. This is often caused by incompatible dimmer switches or poor dimming performance of the lights.

Ensuring compatibility between your lights and dimming systems and adjusting settings can usually resolve these issues.

Overheating: Overheating is a serious concern, as it can lead to premature failure of the lights and even safety hazards. Causes include poor heat dissipation, excessive usage, or environmental factors like high temperature.

To counteract overheating, improve ventilation, moderate the use of lights, and shield them from direct heat sources.

Being aware of these common issues and knowing how to address them can significantly enhance the performance and longevity of your hexagon garage lighting.

Regular maintenance checks and prompt attention to any signs of these problems will ensure your lighting remains an asset rather than a liability in your garage.

Wrapping It Up

As we’ve explored, choosing the best hexagon garage lights involves more than just picking a stylish option.

It’s about understanding the nuances of various brands like HexGlow, Car Guy’s Garage, and others and recognizing the specific needs of your garage space. From considering the lumens and CRI ratings to weighing up warranties and customer service, we’ve delved into what makes each brand stand out.

We also addressed common issues, from faulty connections to flickering lights. We discussed solutions to keep your garage shining bright.

Whether you’re leaning towards the budget-friendly options on Amazon or the quality assurance of HexGlow, remember that a bit of research and maintenance can go a long way.

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