How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garage & Carport

As cute as they seem, birds nesting in your garage can become a nuisance. You’ll want to get them out as quickly and safely as possible.

If you have a bird problem in your garage, there are some simple techniques you can use to get rid of them. First, dispose of any nesting materials the moment you see them. Keep doors and windows closed when not in use. Block crevices, holes, or other methods for a bird to gain access. Finally, set up an owl decoy nearby to deter birds from building a nest inside your garage.

This article will cover how to keep birds out of your garage and what to do when you find a bird nest. However, to understand how to keep birds from flying into your garage, you need to understand what attracts them in the first place.

Let’s get started.

Bird sitting in a nest above garage light

Why Do Birds Like Garages? 

Like many animals, birds are just looking for a place to create safe, stable nests to raise their young. Their protective instincts draw them to areas sheltered from the elements, near stable food sources, and out of harm’s way from predators.

To a bird, a garage is like hitting the jackpot. It offers a secure roof, plenty of food nearby, and is high enough that most predators won’t come near them.

The most obvious way birds enter your garage is by flying through the gaping hole created when you leave your garage door open.

Birds often fly into a garage, not realizing they’re in an enclosed space. They may see the light from another window inside the room and think they can fly through it.

Once inside, it may be difficult for them to navigate their way out again, especially if the door closes before they can do so. They’ll then look for somewhere to shelter and protect themselves. This is typically high, near the ceiling, or on a flat, sturdy place like a garage door opener or light fixture.

Birds can also get into your garage through small holes in the roof or siding. Similar to flying in through the garage door, they may find it difficult to navigate their way back out once they are in.

How to Keep Birds Out Of Garages and Carports

To keep birds out of your garage, you must take preventative measures to make it difficult for them to get in.

Seal off Holes in Entry Doors, Walls, or Roof

To be honest, this is something you’ll want to do regardless of whether there’s a bird in your garage or not.

Any holes in your roof, walls, or door can let common garage bugs and pests inside.

Remove All Potential Food Sources

Be sure not to store things like birdseed or anything else that a bird may find attractive to eat. If there are food sources in your garage, animals will find a way to get to them.

Hanging several bird feeders away from your garage will draw the birds to that instead.

Use Intimidation Tactics

Birds will steer clear of where they think a predator may be hanging out. Try hanging a hawk or owl decoy near the opening of your garage to scare off any potential garage birds.

Keep Door and Window Openings to a Minimum

Keep screens on any windows in your garage. Also, close your garage door whenever you’re not there to monitor what comes in and out.

How to Keep Birds Nests Off Light Fixtures & Garage Door Openers

If a bird flies into your garage and wants to build a nest, the last place you want it to be is on your garage door opener.

Here are a few ways to keep birds from nesting in your garage door opener or light fixtures.

Add a Cover to Your Light Fixture

Birds build their nests from grass, hair, and anything else they can get their beaks on.

These small pieces of debris can get caught inside the light fixture of your garage door opener, causing it to malfunction or become a fire hazard.

To discourage a bird from attempting to build a nest on your opener, try to make it as difficult as possible for them to get in.

Cover the opening for the light with a mesh screen or bird netting. It doesn’t require an additional cover but blocks holes big enough for the birds to enter.

Make It Difficult to Nest On

Garage door openers are ideal places for birds to nest. They’re typically flat, and the light cover offers an enclosed area to build a nest. This can become a huge fire hazard very quickly if left unchecked.

The lightbulb can ignite the nesting material, starting a fire. In addition to damaging your garage door opener, it can potentially burn down your house.

Try adding a circular cover over the flat base to prevent birds from nesting on your garage door opener. This will make it less stable for the birds, discouraging them from building a nest.

Nesting baby birds inside garage

How to Get a Bird Out of Your Garage

If birds have decided to make your garage their home, here are a few things you can do to get them out.

Lure Them Out With Lights

Birds are attracted to shiny things. Try setting up a trail of shiny objects like reflective tape, starting inside the garage and ending in your yard so they can follow.

Lure Them Out With Food

Take the same logic applied with the shiny object trail and apply it to a food trail (think Hansel and Gretel). 

Make Them Sleepy

Most bird species are not nocturnal. Close all doors and cover the windows, making it as dark as possible.

After a while, open the garage door as quietly as possible and try to shoo out the sleeping birds.

Create an Alternative Space for Them

Set up a birdhouse and a feeder nearby, giving them someplace to go after you get them out of your garage.

Use the food trail method to lead them in the right direction. 

Remove the Nest

Only remove a bird nest if the Mama Bird is away and there are no eggs inside.

Using a pair of gloves, carefully take the nest and place it in a nearby bush or tree. It be close enough to the garage that the adult bird can find it. If there are eggs inside, wait for them to hatch before taking action. 

When in doubt, your local animal control hotline will have an effective solution for removing it safely.


Garages can be a safe haven for birds looking for a place to build nests. They are drawn to the security of a warm, dry place, with stable food sources and protection from natural predators like owls.

To keep birds out of your garage, you’ll need to remove any food and make it as hard as possible for them to get in. Patch up holes in your garage and keep your garage door closed when not being used. You can repel birds with sound machines or wooden replicas of natural predators like owls.

If one does happen to fly in, try to lure them away with a bird feeder and another birdhouse.

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