30 Ideas for License Plate DIY Crafts

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Whether their memories of a beloved old car or a state that you called home, license plates hold a special place in our heart. Instead of throwing them away, they can be the start of some creative, eye-catching projects.

Here are some of my favorite license plate DIY crafts to get you inspired!

License plate DIY crafts Pin

Wall Art

Using old license plates as wall art is a creative way to bring nostalgia into your decor. Whether you arrange them on walls, ceilings, or in the bathroom, they add a unique and colorful vibe to any space.

You can create your pattern or mix and match plates from various states or years for a personalized touch that turns any room into a conversation starter!

License plates hanging on living room wall Pin
License plates arranged on wall Pin

Licence Plate Clock

This eye-catching clock by 918Designs is made from old license plates, giving these vintage car tags new life.

Each number and state brings a splash of color and a unique flair to this creative wall art. Hang it up in your garage, workshop, or living room for a creative way to track the hours.

DIY License Plate Clock Pin
Image: Image: 918Designs


Add a touch of adventure to your decor with this license plate mirror. The frame is made from colorful plates representing various states, giving it a fun, travel-themed look.

It’s perfect for your entryway or bathroom, letting you check your reflection while celebrating your road trip memories.

License plate mirror Pin


These creative hanging lights, made from repurposed license plates, offer a unique way to illuminate any room.

One light features a bicycle wheel rim with North Carolina plates, adding an industrial vibe, while the other models use plates to form stylish pendant shades.

Perfect for a garage, man cave, or dining area, these lights combine function and nostalgia to brighten your space with a story.

License plate pendant lights Pin
Square and round license plate pendant lights Pin


One of the more common DIY license plate projects is to create signs, like these ones from DivineChiks and Upcycled Works.

They’re assembled from license plates of various states to spell out catchy messages like “BEER-30,” “HAPPY HOUR,” and “IT’S 5 O’CLOCK.” 

Each one bursts with colorful and playful energy, perfect for adding lighthearted spirit to your bar area, garage, or patio. Hang them up to set the mood and remind everyone that it’s always a good time to unwind.

License plate Sign: "5 o'clock" Pin
License Plate Sign: "Beer-30" Pin

City Skyline

Crafted from vintage New York and New Jersey plates, this city skyline art brings “The Big Apple” to life with iconic shapes and vibrant colors.

The Statue of Liberty adds an unmistakable flair, making this wall decoration a must-have for any urban enthusiast. Display it to celebrate your love for NYC with a nostalgic twist.

New York skyline made from license plates Pin

Home State Art

Show off your state pride with this rustic home state art, featuring a cutout of Indiana in reclaimed wood.

The license plate’s vintage charm peeks through the state-shaped opening, adding a touch of nostalgia to this handcrafted decoration.

It’s a warm, personal way to celebrate where you come from or the place that holds your heart.

Indiana state license plate wall art Pin

Animal Wall Decorations

These clever animal wall decorations, cut from vintage license plates, add a quirky touch to any room.

Each colorful rooster and Georgia redfish brings a fun blend of rustic charm and modern flair, perfect for brightening your garage, cabin, or workshop.

Hang them up to celebrate your love of wildlife with an artistic twist.

License plate rooster wall art Pin
Georgia Vintage Redfish License Plate Art Pin

Anniversary Art

Celebrate a special date with this personalized license plate anniversary art from Heritage Plate Art.

The heart is made from different states’ plates, while the numbers below mark the memorable day in bold, colorful characters. It’s a unique way to cherish your love story, adding a rustic yet charming touch to your home decor.

Anniversary license plate sign Pin


Add colorful charms, beads, and bottle caps to turn an old trailer license plate into a unique wind chime.

Each breeze makes this cheerful creation dance and tinkle, adding a playful vibe to your porch or garden. Hang it up to enjoy the soothing music while you relax outdoors.

License plate wind chime Pin

Dragonflies & Butterflies

These whimsical dragonflies and butterflies, crafted from vintage license plates, bring a playful charm to your garden.

The dragonfly features a wooden spindle body with wings made from Oklahoma and Texas tags, while the butterflies use colorful plates from different states to form eye-catching patterns.

Mount them on a tree or fence to give your outdoor space a unique, fluttering vibe!

Dragonfly license plate lawn decor Pin
Butterfly license plate lawn decor Pin


Turning old license plates into birdhouses is a creative way to recycle and build something cool.

In the first picture, a license plate makes a triangle roof, giving the birdhouse a unique look, while the wooden base makes it sturdy. In the second picture, plates wrap around to form a cylinder with bird-sized openings.

Mixing plates with wood creates fun and practical birdhouses that will add a unique touch to your yard!

Large license plate birdhouse Pin
Small license plate birdhouse Pin

Bird Feeder

A license plate bird feeder is a simple and fun DIY project that will attract feathered friends to your yard.

By bending the plate around a small wooden box, you can provide a sturdy back and base for holding birdseed. Mount it to a wall or tree, and you’ll have a cool-looking feeder that adds character to your garden while welcoming birds for a snack!

License plate bird feeder Pin

Lawn Decorations

Brighten your garden with these playful lawn decorations from vintage license plates.

The California flower and Illinois star bring a pop of color and whimsy to your outdoor space. Perfect for adding personality and fun to your landscaping, these designs make every day feel like summer.

Lawn flower made from California license plates Pin
Lawn star ornament made from Illinois license plates Pin

Planter Boxes

Decorated with patriotic Michigan license plates, these planter boxes bring color to your garden or porch.

The vintage plates add a rustic, Americana vibe while providing sturdy sides for the wooden frames. Perfect for your favorite plants, they’re a charming way to celebrate both nature and nostalgic design.

DIY license plate planters Pin

License Plate Tray

Lined with a vintage North Carolina plate, this license plate tray adds nostalgia to any space.

The rustic wood frame and measuring tape edges make it practical and stylish, perfect for storing keys or other small items in your entryway or workshop.

Keep your essentials organized while showcasing your love for your home state!

License plate tray Pin

License Plate Shelf

These license plate shelves offer a unique way to combine storage and style. The Ford grill shelf, lined with classic plates and collectibles, brings nostalgia and personality to any wall.

Car grill license plate shelf Pin

Storage Box

This cool storage box, made from old California license plates, is perfect for organizing your tools or gear.

The sturdy metal plates and a reliable latch ensure that everything stays secure, while the handle makes it easy to carry around. A fun, practical way to store your essentials while adding a touch of vintage charm.

Storage box made from California license plates Pin

Mail Tray

These license plate mail trays provide a creative way to keep your letters organized.

Whether using a hanging design or creating a simple vertical rack, each tray adds a touch of vintage flair to your entryway or office. They offer a quirky, practical way to sort your mail with an adventurous spirit.

Alaska license plate mail tray Pin
Wooden license plate mail hanger Pin


This stylish purse, crafted from an upcycled license plate, adds a vintage edge to your look.

The leather strap and bottle cap clasp give it a playful, unique touch, while the sturdy construction ensures your belongings stay secure.

Purse made from Texas License plate Pin

Hat Rack

This hat rack uses license plates as creative backing, each serving as a unique backdrop for the rows of hooks holding the hats.

It’s a stylish and practical way to organize and display your cap collection while giving your wall an attractive, retro look.

The variety of plates from different states adds an extra layer of charm, making it perfect for automotive enthusiasts or anyone looking to add some flair to their storage solutions.

DIY License plate hat rack Pin

Key Rack

These key racks crafted from old license plates are a clever way to organize your keys.

The distinctive plates bring a touch of nostalgia, and the rustic frames give them a unique style. They are practical for hanging keys and make great wall decor that shows your love for vintage car culture.

DIY License plate shelf with key rack Pin
License plate key rack Pin


This gorgeous US flag cleverly uses a collection of Michigan license plates arranged to mirror the American flag.

Red, white, and blue plates are organized into horizontal stripes to represent the flag’s pattern, creating a patriotic display with an automotive twist.

It’s an impressive art piece that blends regional pride with a love for cars, perfect for garage decor or any space that celebrates the spirit of the open road.

Custom US Flag made from license plates Pin


This clipboard securely holds papers using a green Colorado license plate mounted on a wooden board. The clip at the top keeps everything in place, making it a handy and unique addition to any workspace.

It adds a cool, vintage vibe with a nod to automotive history, perfectly blending style and function.

DIY license plate clipboard Pin


This chair’s metal frame, seat, and backrest are made from colorful license plates from different states.

The plates are cut and shaped to fit, creating a cool, unique look that blends art with practicality. It’s a fun way to reuse old plates and show off some road-trip spirit while giving the chair a new personality.

Patio chair and table made from license plates Pin
Small chair made from UK license plates Pin


This unique table shows off a bright mix of license plates from different states, all set in a sturdy wood frame. The clear coating keeps everything smooth and brings out the colors. 

Put it in your living room, game room, or garage for a fantastic conversation starter!

Coffee table made from old license plates Pin


License plates can be transformed into eye-catching maps of the United States & Canada.

Each state or province has its own unique license plate, adding a fun, colorful twist to the map. It’s a great way to show off your love for travel, with each plate contributing to the story!

License plate map of the United States Pin
License plate map of Canada Pin

Pencil\Paintbrush Holder

These handy pencil and paintbrush holders bring a bit of vintage flair to your workspace.

Whether crafted from New Hampshire plates with the bold “Live Free or Die” motto or South Carolina’s retro tags, each holder is unique and practical. They keep your tools organized while adding a rustic touch to your desk or art station.

Paintbrush holder made from old license plates Pin
Square paintbrush holder made from old license plates Pin

Beer Caddy

A license plate beer cooler is a creative way to keep your drinks cold with style.

Attach an old license plate to a wooden cooler, add a sturdy handle like a leather belt, and you’ve got a unique carrier for your favorite beverages.

License plate beer caddy Pin
Image: ACraftyMix.com

Bottle Opener

Turn old license plates into a bottle opener with just a wooden base or other reused materials. It’s a great way to add vintage charm to your home while keeping things practical. 

DIY license plate bottle opener Pin

Stairway Decor

Make your stairway stand out by decorating the risers with an assortment of license plates from around the world.

Whether paired with LED lighting for a modern touch or displayed naturally for a rustic look, each plate tells a story and adds a colorful personality to your steps.

Vintage license plates on stairs Pin
LED lights illuminate license plates on stairs Pin
License plates decorating stairs to basement Pin

Toilet Paper Holder

Give your bathroom a rustic flair with this unique toilet paper holder from an old Pepsi crate and an Indiana license plate.

The vintage tag reads “Safety Pays,” reminding you to keep essentials close at hand while bringing a bit of whimsy to your space. A creative way to store extra rolls and start a conversation with guests!

License plate toilet paper holder Pin


Bookends made from license plates are a creative and stylish way to organize your favorite books. Simply fold and secure the plates to frame your book collection with some vintage flair. It’s an easy project that adds a unique automotive vibe to any bookshelf!

DIY license plate bookends Pin

Wrapping It Up

License plates have found a new purpose beyond the road.

From unique birdhouses to practical wall art, they’ve proven versatile materials for all sorts of DIY projects. Whether you’re making a beer cooler that sparks conversation or transforming your bathroom into a colorful haven, these plates add a dash of personality and a story to every corner of your home.

So why not dig into your collection, unleash your creativity, and let your license plates tell their story? Your next conversation starter could be hanging on the wall or sitting on a shelf, just waiting for you to bring it to life.

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