Xtreme and Performax Garage Door Openers: Who Makes Them?

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While researching my garage door opener brands list, I came across two manufacturers I’d never heard of before: Xtreme Garage and Performax. 

Xtreme and Performax garage door openers are sold exclusively at Menards department stores, but they’re not the company that makes them. They are manufactured by Decko Products.

In this article, I’ll dive into both brands to show that they have more in common than you might initially suspect. 

Xtreme Garage Door Openers: Overview

Xtreme Garage is a company that operated between 2016 and 2019. They sold a small lineup of garage door openers aimed at entry-level consumers, including belt-drive and chain-drive garage door openers. 

Their website provided a store locator tool, which would redirect the reader to the Menards website. Although their garage door openers are no longer sold, the website offers customer support, including a user manual download section, frequently asked questions, and a contact form for customer inquiries.

Xtreme garage door opener lineup

Performax Garage Door Openers: Overview

Performax started selling garage door openers in mid-2021, exclusively at Menards department stores. 

They began with a single model: a smart 3/4 HP chain drive garage door opener. Within a year, they expanded to include a 1/2 HP chain drive opener and a 1/2 HP belt-drive opener. 

Their website has a similar design to Xtreme Garage Door Openers. It also included a store locator, live customer support, and online manuals. 

Performax garage door opener lineup

Who Makes Xtreme and Performax Garage Door Openers?

As I mentioned, both Xtreme and Performax garage door openers are sold exclusively at Menards and are registered trademarks of the department store. 

Both websites have a similar design, and it’s worth noting that the customer service phone number is the same for both products. 

Additionally, the model numbers for each company are similar, as you can see in the chart below:

Xtreme Garage425-16051/2 HP Chain Drive
Xtreme Garage425-16201/2 HP Chain Drive
Xtreme Garage425-16691/2 HP Chain Drive
Xtreme Garage425-16363/4 HP Chain Drive
Xtreme Garage425-16703/4 HP Chain Drive
Xtreme Garage425-16563/4 HP Belt Drive
Xtreme Garage425-16723/4 HP Belt Drive
Performax425-16651/2 HP Belt Drive
Performax425-16661/2 HP Chain Drive
Performax425-16733/4 HP Chain Drive

However, Menards doesn’t manufacture either brand’s products. 

Both Xtreme and Performax garage door openers are manufactured by Decko Products. 

We can determine this by looking at the warranty information card in the online manuals. Each product lists Decko Products as the manufacturer and the company responsible for fixing the product if anything goes wrong. 

Decko Products manufactures Xtreme and Performax Garage Door Openers for Menards

What do People Say About Performax and Xtreme Garage Door Openers?

Some users mention that Performax garage door openers are straightforward to install and come with app control and a battery backup feature. However, there are complaints about the belts wearing out quickly, the light not activating as it should, and customer service being less than helpful.

On the other hand, Xtreme garage door openers are described as basic but functional, offering a reasonable warranty and compatibility with smart home devices. Yet, users have pointed out issues like noise, frequent malfunctions, and disappointing customer service. Some suggest considering other brands or models for a more reliable, quieter, and feature-packed opener.

Overall, Performax and Xtreme garage door openers are a budget-friendly choice and an adequate option for those new to the market. Still, they may not offer the best durability or customer satisfaction.

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