How Much Do Garage Cabinets Cost? (With 30 Examples)


Adding some garage cabinets are a great way to get organized and give your garage a visual upgrade at the same time.

When I started my garage renovation, I had no idea how much cabinets and shelving would cost, but I knew that I wanted a cohesive look without breaking the bank.

I found out that garage cabinets cost between $100 and $400 for small cabinets that can be freestanding or wall mounted. Tall floor garage cabinets usually cost between $250 and $800.

There are some obvious exceptions to this. A basic plastic cabinet will cost under $100 and the average Snap-on cabinet can cost as much as a used car.

That’s a big range, so let’s go into more detail and I’ll give some examples along the way

Specialty garage cabinets

When I started looking to renovate my garage I thought it would be simple. Buy some cabinets and put my stuff in it. Problem solved.

There’s actually a whole lot of cabinet options out there.

For the price list below, I tried to break it down into the two basic categories: big freestanding cabinets and small, floor or wall-mountable cabinets like you see in the picture above.

Here are some of the other types of garage cabinets that you might want to consider:


Tall lockers: For hanging jackets, wetsuits, snowboarding or motorcycle gear.

Depending on the theme of your garage, you can find tall locker cabinets that look like your other cabinets, or ones that look like actual sports lockers (complete with team logos).

Another good use for a tall locker is to hold oversize items like fishing rods that you want to keep away from the kids.

The cost is normally the same as a freestanding cabinet from the same manufacturer.


Tool storage: Usually on rolling wheels so you can move it about the garage as needed.

Tool chests come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The key things to look for are durability and weight capacity. Tool chests can take a lot of abuse so you want one that can stand up to some punishment.

They can run anywhere from a couple hundred dollars from an entry level tool chests like Craftsman and Husky to over twelve thousand dollars for the Snap-on Epiq Roll Cab above.

Safety cabinets: If you absolutely need to store flammable materials in your garage, you want to make sure you’re protected.

Safety cabinets are rated from NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) or OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) so you can sleep soundly and not worry about your garage exploding during the night.

That rating comes at a cost though.

Safety cabinets normally cost several hundred dollars more than a similar sized freestanding or wall cabinet. Usually between $500 to $2000.

30 garage cabinet price examples

This list is broken into price examples for small wall mounted cabinets and a separate list for tall, free standing cabinets.

Personally, I wanted all the cabinets to be from the same manufacturer so there was a cohesive look throughout my entire garage. I didn’t want to mix and match cabinets because I felt it looked tacky.

The whole point of renovating your garage is to have something you’re proud to show off, right?

Every manufacturer on this list has cabinets in both sections, with the exception of Lista. They’re very popular with mechanics who can’t justify spending thousands of dollars for a Snap-on cabinet.


Wall cabinets

IKEAIVAR Cabinet with 2 doors32″20″33″Pine wood$90
IKEABROR Cabinet with 2 doors26″29″15″Wood$99
GladiatorRTA Full Door Wall GearBox28″28″12″Steel$162
GladiatorPremier Wall GearBox30″30″12″Steel$249
Craftsman2000 Wall-Mounted Cabinet28″28″12″Steel$129
KobaltWall Mount Garage Cabinet30″30″14″Steel$144
KeterFreestanding Garage Cabinet25″38″17″Plastic$69
PrepacHangups Garage Cabinet24″30″12″Wood$130
HuskyGarage Wall Cabinet28″29″12″Steel$149
Seville ClassicsDouble Wall-Mounted Cabinet36″30″12″Stainless Steel$129
ModulineProII Wall Cabinet30″18″11″Aluminum$381
SaberMagnum Wall Cabinet29″31″13″Steel$175
ListaHS Series Sliding Door Shelf Cabinet40″41″22″Steel$1,067
New AgeBold Wall Cabinet24″18″12″Steel$89
Flow WallWall Cabinet24″26″12″Wood$159
American HeritageFreestanding Cabinet30″26″12″Steel$203

Freestanding cabinets

GladiatorRTA Large Wall GearBox36″72″18″Steel$319
GladiatorPremier Tall GearBox30″65″18″Steel$449
Craftsman2000 Freestanding Tall Cabinet32″74″18″Steel$289
KobaltFreestanding Garage Cabinet30″72″20″Steel$249
KeterFreestanding Garage Cabinet25″72″17″Plastic$84
PrepacHangups Composite Garage Cabinet30″72″16″Wood$323
HuskySteel Tall Garage Cabinet30″72″18″Steel$239
Seville ClassicsTall Cabinet36″72″18″Stainless Steel$219
ModulineSelect Closet Cabinet24″75″22″Aluminum$690
ModulineProII Extra-Tall Wall Cabinet32″72″15″Steel$850
SaberMagnum Narrow Storage Cabinet29″80″23″Steel$485
New AgeBold Multi-Use Locker30″72″18″Steel$399
Flow WallTall Cabinet24″72″16″Wood$349
American HeritageFreestanding Cabinet36″72″18″Steel$444

A word about high-end garage cabinets

We talked about off the shelf garage cabinets, and they’re definitely an easy, affordable way to get your garage organized.

But what if you want something a little higher-end?

In general, when you go with a custom garage cabinet company, you’re going to be paying a premium on the cabinets. However, unlike cheap garage cabinets, you’ll get a more professional look to the final product.

Companies like Baldhead or Vault cabinets will offer a complete, custom solution tailor made for your garage – with a hefty price tag to go along with it.

Why such a huge price range?

There are over a dozen different manufacturers in those lists, but the prices for garage cabinets can vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Why? What makes a $300 cabinet different than an $800 cabinet?

Here are a couple of different reasons:

Some assembly required? Side by side, a ready to assemble cabinet and a welded cabinet from the same manufacturer that are the exact same size will cost around $100 different. Welded steel cabinets will be able to hold more weight and will usually last longer than their ready-to-assemble counterparts.

Materials: Cabinets are usually made from one of these materials: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), Plastic, Wood, Steel or Aluminum.

As you go up the list, the cabinets get stronger, more durable and more expensive. For example, a steel cabinet can hold more than a plastic cabinet, so you’d expect to pay more for it. Similarly, Aluminum is lighter, doesn’t rust and is usually more dent resistant than steel.

Features: This kind of stuff is easy to miss, but worth looking into. Things like ball bearing drawers, pre-cut electrical holes, real wood tops and tool mats or cutouts may sound like cool ideas, but not every manufacturer includes them. Definitely something to look out for.

Don’t forget about shipping: If you’re buying your garage cabinets from your local big-box store you won’t have to worry about this. If you’re ordering from a manufacturer online, ask about any free-shipping offers they have. You can sometimes pay over $1000 for shipping a cabinet set to your house. That’s more than the cost of another tall floor cabinet!


Choosing garage cabinets is a big decision. It’s impossible to ignore price as a factor unless you’re one of the super-rich.

Remember that a lot of different factors like materials, pre-assembly, and features will play a huge factor in the price of your garage cabinets.

Hopefully this list will help give you a good estimate to help you make the best choice for you. If you want to see the cabinets I decided to purchase, I wrote a detailed review of my Gladiator cabinets here.

Check it out and happy shopping!