How Much Do Garage Cabinets Cost in 2024? (30 Examples)

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When I started my garage renovation, I had no idea what the overall cost of garage cabinets and shelving would be. But I wanted to add storage and get a cohesive look without breaking the bank.

I found out that garage cabinets cost between $100 and $400 for small cabinets that can be freestanding or wall-mounted. Tall floor garage cabinets usually cost between $300 and $800.

There are some obvious exceptions to this. A basic plastic cabinet will cost under $100, and the average Snap-on cabinet can cost as much as a used car. Custom garage cabinets range begins at a thousand dollars per cabinet and increases quickly from there.

That’s a big range, so let’s go into more detail. I’ll give some examples along the way.

You can check out my list of garage cabinet manufacturers here. I go into full detail on their entire line of products, including prices, availability, color, and much more!


How Much Do Garage Cabinets Cost? [30 Examples]

This list is broken into price examples for small wall-mounted cabinets and a separate list for tall, freestanding cabinets.

Note: This only includes prices for new cabinets. Many homeowners buy used cabinets or repurpose kitchen cabinets to save money. While this is certainly a budget-friendly option, it’s beyond the scope of this list.


Cost of Garage Cabinets: Wall Cabinets

IKEAIVAR Cabinet with 2 doors32″20″33″Pine wood$120
IKEABROR Cabinet with 2 doors26″29″15″Wood$169
GladiatorRTA Full Door Wall GearBox28″28″12″Steel$199
GladiatorPremier Wall GearBox30″30″12″Steel$329
Craftsman18″ Wall-Mounted Cabinet28″28″12″Steel$149
KobaltWall Mount Garage Cabinet30″30″14″Steel$179
KeterFreestanding Garage Cabinet25″38″17″Plastic$99
PrepacHangups Garage Cabinet24″30″12″Wood$149
HuskyGarage Wall Cabinet28″29″12″Steel$199
Seville ClassicsDouble Wall-Mounted Cabinet36″30″12″Stainless Steel$169
ModulinePro II Wall Cabinet30″18″11″Aluminum$381
SaberUpper Wall Cabinet30″31″14″Steel$389
ListaHS Series Sliding Door Shelf Cabinet40″41″22″Steel$1,067
New AgeBold Wall Cabinet24″18″12″Steel$119
Flow WallWall Cabinet24″26″12″Wood$224
American HeritageFreestanding Cabinet30″26″12″Steel$263

Cost of Garage Cabinets: Freestanding Tall Garage Cabinets

GladiatorRTA Large Wall GearBox36″72″18″Steel$399
GladiatorPremier Tall GearBox30″65″18″Steel$749
Craftsman32″ Freestanding Tall Cabinet32″74″18″Steel$319
KobaltFreestanding Garage Cabinet30″72″20″Steel$499
KeterFreestanding Garage Cabinet25″72″17″Plastic$149
PrepacHangups Composite Garage Cabinet30″72″16″Wood$385
HuskySteel Tall Garage Cabinet30″72″18″Steel$399
Seville ClassicsTall Cabinet30″72″18″Stainless Steel$289
ModulineSelect Closet Cabinet24″75″22″Aluminum$690
ModulinePro II Extra-Tall Wall Cabinet32″72″15″Steel$850
Saber30″ Locker30″81″24″Steel$1149
New AgeBold Multi-Use Locker36″72″18″Steel$599
Flow WallTall Cabinet24″72″16″Wood$499
American HeritageFreestanding Cabinet36″72″18″Steel$404

How Much Do Custom Garage Cabinets Cost?

We talked about off-the-shelf garage cabinets, which are an easy, affordable way to organize your garage.

But what if you want high-end custom garage cabinets?

Generally, you’ll pay a premium with a custom garage cabinet company. It’s also common to have additional installation costs on top of the cost of the custom cabinets themselves.

Depending on whether you can find local contractors, labor costs for professional installation can often cost thousands of dollars for large garages.

However, unlike off-the-shelf garage cabinets, you’ll get a more professional look to the final product.

High-end brands like Baldhead or Vault cabinets will offer a complete, custom solution tailor-made for your garage – with a hefty price tag to go along with it.

Why Do Some Garage Cabinets Cost More Than Others?

Over a dozen cabinet manufacturers are on those lists, and garage cabinets’ prices can vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What makes a $300 cabinet different than an $800 cabinet?

Here are a couple of different reasons:

Assembly required? Side by side, a ready-to-assemble cabinet usually costs about $100 less than a welded cabinet from the same manufacturer. Welded steel cabinets can hold more weight and usually last longer than their ready-to-assemble counterparts.

Materials: Cabinets are usually made from one of these materials: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), Plastic, Wood, Steel, or Aluminum.

As you go up the list, the cabinets get stronger, more durable, and more expensive. For example, a steel cabinet can hold more than a plastic cabinet, so you’d expect to pay more. Similarly, Aluminum is lighter, doesn’t rust, and is usually more dent resistant than steel.

Features: This stuff is easy to miss but worth looking into. Examples include ball-bearing drawers, pre-cut electrical holes, natural wood tops, tool mats, or cutouts.

Don’t forget about shipping costs: If you’re buying your garage cabinets from your local big-box store, you won’t have to worry about this. If you’re ordering custom garage cabinets online, ask about any free-shipping offers they have.

Sometimes, You can pay over $1000 to ship a cabinet set to your house.

That’s more than the cost of another tall floor cabinet!

Dangers of Cheap Garage Cabinets

In this section of the article, we will explore the diverse cheap garage cabinet options available and let you in on the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

However, before we do that, here is a table showcasing the estimated cost of different cheap garage cabinet options.

Cheap Garage Cabinet OptionsEstimated cost
Repurposed old kitchen or bathroom cabinetsPrices could start from $4,000
Plastic garage cabinetsPrice starts from $100 and may increase depending on the size you want.
Low-end metal garage cabinetsPrices can range from $180 to $500
Particle board or MDF garage cabinetsPrices may start from $300
Do-it-yourself garage cabinetsAlmost nothing. (Cost will arise from materials to be used).

Repurposed Old Kitchen/ Bathroom Cabinets

When remodeling your kitchen, instead of throwing those old cabinets out, you can choose to use them in your garage.

Doing this is indeed an inexpensive way of giving your garage a makeover. However, repurposing old kitchen/ bathroom cabinets has benefits and drawbacks.

Reusing old kitchen cabinets in the garage Pin


  • Budget-friendly: If you’re looking to install cabinets in your garage without breaking the bank, repurposing old cabinets is one way to go. With the right cabinet specialist, you can have your remodeled garage cabinets look all new and unique for about half the cost of brand-new ones.
  • Eco-friendly: Manufacturing new cabinets can contribute to environmental pollution and other waste. However, repurposing your old cabinets for your garage will help reduce the environmental impact.
  • Time-saving: From the remodeling process to the installation period, repurposed kitchen or bathroom cabinets will take less time to set up than the time frame required to have a brand-new cabinet manufactured and installed in your garage.

As appealing as these benefits may seem, remodeling your old kitchen or bathroom cabinets for use in your garage may be a bad idea. 

Here are some reasons why:


  • Non-durable: Your wooden kitchen cabinets are not built for garage use. They are not strong enough to house heavy-weighted tools and equipment, so repurposed old cabinets aren’t ideal for your garage.
  • Low Extreme Temperature Tolerance: Most garages are exposed to extreme temperatures, making them vulnerable to moisture, pest damage, and dry rot in the months when the weather is dry and hot.
  • No-warranty: The great thing about getting brand new garage cabinets is that they usually come with warranties. Several companies even give you a Lifetime warranty on the garage cabinet you order.

Plastic Garage Cabinets

You’re right in considering plastic garage cabinets if you want to cut costs, as they are one of the cheapest garage cabinet options out there.

Plastic garage cabinetsPin

Check out the pros and cons of this type of garage cabinet and see if it’s still worth considering.


  • Corrosion and Rust-resistant: The good feature we’ve noticed when dealing with plastic garage cabinets is that they are designed to resist corrosion and rust. Plastic can protect your belongings from chemical exposure and rot.
  • Moisture Resistant: Plastic garage cabinets don’t suffer degradation from exposure to extreme humidity levels and moisture.
  • Best for Lightweight Tools: Plastic garage cabinets are lightweight, making it easy to move your tools from one place to another.


  • Non-durable: Plastic garage cabinets are not the way to go if you consider long-term and heavy-duty use. They have far lower load capacity than wooden and metal cabinets, so you might want to reconsider if your tools and equipment are heavy-weighted. This could make them wear out on time.
  • Ruins Aesthetics: When making good physical impressions, plastic garage cabinets are a total failure. You can kiss your garage aesthetics goodbye because plastic cabinets will ruin the attractiveness of your garage.
  • Fades Quickly: Your plastic garage cabinets will become an eye sore when it starts to fade with time. This would cheapen the overall appearance of your garage if you worked so hard to beautify it.

Inexpensive Metal Garage Cabinets

Suppose you don’t like the idea of repurposing old kitchen cabinets or plastic garage cabinets. In that case, the next best cheap alternative is low-end metal garage cabinets.

inexpensive metal cabinetsPin

However, there are more downsides to this option than upsides. Let’s explore the upsides first, 


  • Affordability: Low-end metal garage will work with your budget if you want to spend the barest minimum on garage cabinets.
  • This option is great if you do not care about aesthetics.


  • Little Value for Money: You will be short-changing yourself if you go for cheap metal cabinets because they won’t last long. When they’re damaged, you may be forced to get another set of cabinets installed.
  • Corrosion Prone: Poor quality metal garage cabinets are prone to rust and rot. Need we say more about the damage that can do to your stored belongings?
  • Low Durability and Functionality: Low-end metal garage cabinets are not sturdy enough to support heavy-duty equipment such as air compressors or generators. Investing in quality metal material like steel is better if you want a durable, heavy-duty metal cabinet.

With high-end garage cabinets like steel, you get both functionality and aesthetics in your garage!

Particle Board or MDF Garage Cabinets

Particle boards and Medium-density fiberboards are cheaper alternatives for solid woods. They are manufactured by combining elements such as wood fiber and waste materials.

Several people prefer this option to be used in their kitchens and bathrooms, but let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using particle board or MDF for garage use: 

plywood garage cabinet Pin


  • Inexpensive: The significant advantage of these garage cabinet options is that they are low in cost compared to other alternatives such as solid wood or plywood.
  • Easy Manageability: MDF and particle board garage cabinets will be easy to clean and maintain. They also aren’t prone to dry rot or rust.
  • Eco-friendly: These materials are sustainable and environmentally friendly, made from recycled wood waste such as wood fiber and shavings.


  • Non-durable: Cabinets made from particle boards or medium-density fiberboards do not last. It is pretty easy to tell why when you think about it. They have a very high tendency to give way when used to store heavy-duty items. They may break or chip off when under stress.
  • Low Moisture Tolerance: MDF and particle board garage cabinets have a very low tolerance for moisture and humidity. This implies they can absorb water, swell, become soft, and break.
  • Heat Vulnerability: These materials are highly susceptible to damage when exposed to heat and hot weather.

Do-it-yourself Garage Cabinets

If you really want to save money, then DIY-ing your garage cabinets may be the way to go. However, this might not be the best option if you’re new at woodworking.

DIY garage cabinets can be a great way to save money Pin


  • Saves Money: The obvious and most significant advantage of DIY projects is that you get to save money instead of paying someone else to do it for you.
  • Creativity: By building your garage cabinets yourself, you’ll be able to add extra personal touches that professionals wouldn’t typically include.


  • Quality: Depending on your skill, building your cabinets may not be a good idea if you’re new. The quality might not be  
  • Frustration: You may find it frustrating to build your garage cabinets, especially if the design doesn’t come out the way you imagine it. 
  • Time-consuming: While a professional might take about 1 to 2 days to install your garage cabinets, it might take longer to complete due to procrastination or other activities.

Specialty Garage Cabinets

When I started looking to renovate my garage and add more storage, I thought it would be simple. I didn’t have any old cabinets to rip out, so my plan was to buy some cabinets and put my stuff in them.

Problem solved.

However, there are a lot of garage cabinet options out there.

The price list below is broken into two categories: big freestanding cabinets and small, floor or wall-mountable cabinets. You can see both types of garage cabinets in the picture above.

Within each category, there are some other types of specialty garage cabinets that you might want to consider based on your individual needs:

Tall Lockers


Tall lockers are used to store jackets, wetsuits, or snowboarding and motorcycle gear.

Tall locker cabinets are available in different styles to match the theme of your garage. Some cabinet manufacturers design them to blend in with their other cabinets for a seamless look. Others look like actual sports lockers, complete with team logos.

Another good use for a tall locker is holding oversized items like fishing rods, sharp objects, and tools you want to keep away from the kids.

The cost of a tall locker cabinet is typically the same as a freestanding cabinet from the same manufacturer.

Tool Storage


Tool storage cabinets usually have rolling wheels, so you can move them about the garage as needed.

Tool chests come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The key things to look for are durability and weight capacity. Tool chests can take a lot of abuse, so you want one that can withstand some punishment.

They can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars for entry-level tool chests like Craftsman and Husky to over $12,000 for the Snap-on Epiq Roll Cab above.

Safety Cabinets


If you need to store flammable materials in your garage, you don’t want them sitting out in the open on your garage shelves.

You want to make sure you’re protected.

Safety cabinets are rated by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) or OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

While we don’t recommend storing flammable liquids in your garage, make sure your safety cabinet is rated by one of these organizations.

It’ll help you sleep soundly and not worry about your garage exploding during the night.

That rating comes at a cost, though.

Safety cabinets typically cost several hundred dollars more than a similar-sized freestanding or wall cabinet, usually between $500 to $2000.

I wanted all the cabinets from the same manufacturer to give my garage a cohesive look. While you can save money by mixing and matching cabinets from different cabinet manufacturers, that’s not the look I wanted.

The whole point of renovating your garage is to have something you’re proud to show off, right?

Several manufacturers also make their own garage storage systems, ceiling racks, or shelves. Often there’s an incentive to stay within the same brand.

For example, if you have Gladiator’s garage organization system, their cabinets mount seamlessly on them, letting you easily adjust them whenever needed.

Every manufacturer on this list has cabinets in both sections except for Lista. They’re very popular with mechanics who can’t justify paying a higher price for a Snap-on cabinet.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing garage cabinets is a big decision, and only the super-rich can ignore how much they cost. Remember that factors like materials, pre-assembly, and features will play a huge factor in the price of your garage cabinets.

Garage storage system manufacturers often have cabinets designed to install directly on their systems. This makes installation simple enough for most homeowners to do themselves.

On the high end, custom cabinets cost several thousand dollars and can vary depending on the materials used.

Garage cabinets, along with storage shelves and overhead racks, are a great way to maximize your garage space. Hopefully, this list will help give you a good estimate to help you make the best choice.

If you want to see the cabinets I decided to purchase, I wrote a detailed review of my Gladiator cabinets here.

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