ProSlat PVC Slatwall Review

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I recently installed some ProSlat PVC Slatwall in my garage, aiming to conquer the chaos once and for all.

In this article, I’ll share my experience from purchasing and installing to actually using the system.

Whether you’re weighing your options or curious about how ProSlat PVC Slatwall holds up in everyday use, read on for some firsthand insights that could guide your decision.

Proslat slatwall with garden tools Pin

ProSlat PVC Slatwall (Overview & Features)

ProSlat PVC Slatwall offers a versatile and durable solution for organizing tools, equipment, and accessories in your garage or workshop.

This wall storage system maximizes space efficiency while providing a clean and professional look. Whether you’re looking to streamline your workspace or enhance your garage’s aesthetics, ProSlat PVC Slatwall is tailored to meet various needs.

Specs & Pricing

ProSlat PVC Slatwall panels come in a standard size of 8 feet by 4 feet.

The panels are offered in several color options, including White, Light Gray, Charcoal, and Sandstone, ensuring they blend seamlessly with different garage interiors. Priced at $239.99 per panel, these are a relatively affordable choice for garage wall storage systems.

Each panel can support up to 75 lbs. per square foot, making them suitable for hanging heavy tools and equipment.

The panels are constructed from 90% recycled PVC, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

They feature an interlocking design that is resistant to mold, mildew, and water damage. It can be installed directly onto studs or over existing drywall.

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For those requiring a more rugged setup, the ProCore version offers enhanced durability, supporting up to 200 lbs. per square foot. These panels are priced slightly higher at $249.99 each.

An aluminum option is also available for $499.99 per panel, providing a sleek look and exceptional strength.

Top Pick
Upgraded Pick

Proslat Heavy Duty PVC Slatwall, 8′ by 4′

Proslat 20-Piece Steel Slatwall Hook Kit

Proslat 88901 Aluminum Slatwall 4 x 4'

Top Pick

Proslat Heavy Duty PVC Slatwall, 8′ by 4′


Proslat 20-Piece Steel Slatwall Hook Kit

Upgraded Pick

Proslat 88901 Aluminum Slatwall 4 x 4'


Design Quality & First Impressions

Upon first inspection, the panels appear thinner and lighter than expected. But they’re sufficiently sturdy for regular use in a garage environment.

Ideal for hanging less frequently used garden and lawn tools, these panels provide a functional yet aesthetically pleasing solution to garage clutter.

Despite the high quality, a few panels displayed minor scuff marks, likely from factory handling. This issue, however, doesn’t detract significantly from the product’s functionality or appearance.

I bought mine through Amazon, although you can also order directly from Proslat.

Proslat Slatwall Installation

Installing ProSlat PVC Slatwall is straightforward and can be done in one afternoon, even if you’re working alone.

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Here’s how I managed to set up all four panels:

I started by watching the installation video on YouTube several times and reading the included directions. Although the video is more helpful than the manual, which offers minimal guidance, it still misses some key details.

This meant I had to figure out a few steps on my own.

First, I mounted treated 2×4 studs every 16 inches on center into my poured concrete walls, using Tapcon screws spaced every two feet vertically.

wall studs and base attached Pin

This setup is crucial because the panels are 96 inches long, making it challenging to align with the studs.

At 96 inches, you only get about 7/8 inch of stud to work with at the ends, sometimes requiring drilling at an angle to securely catch the stud.

While the installation process is generally easy, I found that the included self-drilling screws tended to slip, which can be frustrating.

Another tip is about aligning the panels.

First Proslat panel installed Pin

It’s nearly impossible to level two adjacent panels due to their design.

To achieve a more seamless look, consider opting for the longer panels. This will make the installation smoother and the final appearance more cohesive.

Living with ProSlat PVC Slatwall

Living with the ProSlat PVC Slatwall has been a positive experience, though there are a few nuances to consider.

The finished installation doesn’t look as seamless as the promotional pictures suggest.

At eye level and higher, you can notice where two panels meet.

Despite double and triple-checking the installation against the instructional video, the panels look clean but not flawlessly smooth.

Proslat slatwall installation complete Pin

One of the standout features of the ProSlat wall storage system is its durability and thoughtful design.

For example, the larger hooks include a locking clasp at the bottom, which prevents them from accidentally dislodging.

Proslat locking peghooks Pin

This safety feature ensures that the hooks stay securely in place, both at the top and bottom, reducing the risk of items falling and causing damage or injury, whether a ding on a car, a broken item, or a potential hazard to a child.

The material’s strength is adequate when you install a large bracket directly over a stud.

However, if you hang heavy objects between studs, it can pull on the garage slatwall. This causes some concern about long-term wear and stability.

Additionally, the panels tend to attract dust, similar to other plastic items that can become statically charged. This is something to keep in mind for maintenance.

Proslat small hooks Pin

Overall, I’m pleased with the ProSlat PVC Slatwall. It was a nice change from the Gladiator GearTrack that I had previously. 

Like the Gladiator, it allows me to make easy adjustments and additions as my storage needs change, but the Proslat Slatwall looks more ‘polished.’ 

The Verdict

So, would I recommend the ProSlat PVC Slatwall? Absolutely. Despite a few minor installation challenges and the slightly less seamless appearance than advertised, the benefits significantly outweigh these issues.

The ProSlat PVC Slatwall system offers robust functionality, turning a cluttered garage into a well-organized space. The system’s flexibility to adapt and reorganize as needed is a major advantage, allowing for easy accommodation of new tools or changes in storage requirements.

The safety features, particularly the locking clasps on the hooks, add an extra layer of security that is essential in any family-friendly home, ensuring that heavy items remain securely in place.

While I am very satisfied with the system’s functionality and overall quality, I wish its appearance were a bit more seamless and that the material did not attract as much dust. However, these are minor trade-offs in the grand scheme of things.

Overall, for any homeowner looking to enhance their garage storage with a durable, adaptable, and safe system, ProSlat PVC Slatwall is an excellent choice. 

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