Top Garage Cabinet Manufacturers [2024]

Garage Cabinet Manufacturers: BaldHead

We all want a great looking garage. If you want to maximize your space and keep your garage organized, choosing the right garage cabinet manufacturer is essential. I’ve created the …

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Best Garage Floor Mats and Rolls [2024]

Garage floor mats - Feature Image

Welcome to your definitive guide to the best garage floor mats for 2024! Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a weekend mechanic, or someone who just wants to park their car …

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The Best Garage Fan Models of 2024

Industrial warehouse fan - Feature Image

From scorching summer days to projects that produce immense heat, the right garage fan is more than just a luxury. It’s a necessity. But with so many options available, how …

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Garage Expansion Ideas You’ll Love in 2024

Garage extension added to existing home - Feature Image

In this article, we’ll delve into some practical garage expansion ideas to help you maximize your space.  Whether you need room for bigger vehicles, additional parking spots, converting your garage …

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Top 7 Finished Garage Wall Ideas

White paint is best for garage

Your garage is much more than just a place to park your vehicle or store all those Christmas decorations. Finishing the walls of your garage enables you to use it …

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Barrina T8 LED Lights: Review

Barrina T8 LED Shop light - Feature Image

It’s been a while since I tested some LED fixtures for my garage. One company that really impressed me was Barrina. In fact, I called Barrina’s T5 LED tube fixture …

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Can You Pressure Wash Garage Floors?

Child pressure washing toy car - Feature Image

After only a year, my brand-new garage floor looked worse for wear. It needed a good cleaning. I wanted to buy a pressure washer, but because I had epoxy paint …

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Garage Recessed Lighting: A Complete Guide

Garage recessed lighting - FI

Choosing the right recessed garage lights can be tricky. Most homeowners struggle with questions like: What kind of lights are best for high ceilings? How can I ensure they’re energy-efficient? …

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